Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors (Top 10 Picks)

Looking for the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors?

I’m going to list down a few 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors that will allow you to play games at a 144Hz refresh rate, resulting in more frequent wins when playing games.

Let’s take a look at these gaming monitors that have a 144Hz refresh rate.

Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors in 2022

These are the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors you can get right now.

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Is 1080p 144Hz Gaming Good?

Yes, 1080p 144Hz gaming is good. Especially if you’re upgrading from a 60Hz gaming monitor. Most games will look and feel smoother, with less motion blur.

This is because a 144Hz monitor refreshes 144 times per second, compared to 60 times per second on a 60Hz monitor.

However, not all games are optimized for 144Hz displays, so you may need to adjust some settings to get the best experience.

In addition, not all gamers have a capable video card powerful enough to push the higher frame rates required by a 144Hz display.

Is 1080p Still Good for Gaming in 2022?

1080p resolution is still good for gaming in 2022. While it may not be as sharp as 4K resolution, 1080p is still a high-quality resolution that will give gamers a great gaming experience. In addition, 1080p displays are often cheaper than 4K displays, so they are a more affordable option for those who want a high-quality screen.

While gaming at 1080p is still an incredible experience, gamers will notice that their games don’t look as sharp at 4K resolution.

However, because most screens are limited to supporting display refresh rates of 60 Hz (frames per second), there is very little difference between playing a game or watching a video at 1080p or 4K for most people.

So, for those who don’t have the money to purchase a 4K display, or those who are not interested in seeing the extra detail that 4K resolution provides, 1080p is still a great option for gaming in 2022.

Is 144Hz Still Good for Gaming in 2022?

Yes, 144Hz refresh rate is still decent and good in 2022 to play games at 1080p resolution.

144Hz refresh rate was hyped so much at the beginning of 2019 because it was a refreshing change from 60fps, which has been used since 2013.

The real question lies on whether having 1080p resolution will still be common in 2022 after 4K monitors have dominated for years.

Well, your typical monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate and that’s just the minimum necessary to play games at 1080p resolution and not lag or harm your eyes which is otherwise possible with lower Hz.

Meanwhile, 144Hz refresh rate is more than 2 times of the standard 60Hz and yet not all games are designed to take advantage of that.

So, it’ll be up to game developers to make use of the 144Hz capabilities in order to provide a smooth gaming experience for PC gamers.