Are Cases Bad For Macbook Pro?

No cases aren’t bad for your MacBook Pro.

In fact they can be quite helpful.

What it comes down to is whether you think a case fits your style and if it will really protect the laptop from damage.

Of course if you drop a MacBook Pro into a case that doesn’t fit properly bad things can happen.

So before you buy a case for your Macbook Pro take some time to pick one out that suits your tastes and offers great protection.

Perhaps you don’t want to always carry around a bulky laptop bag or sleeve.

In this case a simple cover might suit you just fine.

These usually have easy-to-grip handles so you can hold them by hand when going from room to room in the house or office building.

They also often provide flaps for zipping closed to protect your laptop from dust and other particles.

The downside is that they usually don’t offer much in the way of padding for rough handling.

A sleeve certainly offers more style versatility than a bulky bag but if you want protection and padding you should look further.

An inexpensive option is a softshell case with flap closure and an adjustable shoulder strap.

These can be stylish while still offering some protection for your laptop.

Many will have exterior pockets where you can store your accessories or papers for easy access when traveling with them on public transportation or airports.

Soft cases are typically slim enough to fit inside most larger bags so there’s no need to deal with carrying around two separate items unless you prefer it that way.

A disadvantage is that these cases usually don’t include any padding so you should avoid dropping them.

For a simple way to protect your laptop without investing too much money in a case consider using one of several different types of sleeves available.

There are neoprene and simple cloth bags that will offer some protection from scrapes and bumps while not adding much weight or bulk to the laptop itself.

And they tend to be inexpensive which can be helpful when you make a mistake and buy one for the wrong size (such as buying an 11″ sleeve for your 13″ computer).

The downside is that it’s hard to take advantage of all the features offered by laptops if you’re carrying them around in a sleeve.

Another option is a padded canvas bag that offers a bit more padding for bumps but still not as much protection as a hard case.

These still provide easy access to your laptop and accessories plus they can be attractive choices to help personalize your MacBook Pro.

These cases are less expensive than the plastic shells available from many brands yet they offer better protection from bumps and scrapes.

They usually have an extra pocket or two for storing papers or your mouse and power cord when you’re on the move.

A drawback is that these cases don’t always include a shoulder strap so if you need one it will be a separate purchase.

Finally there’s the ultimate protective solution: a full-size shell made of hard plastic with room inside for your other gear as well as your laptop.

Many of these include shoulder straps and pockets for storing all your essentials as you travel.

They usually come with a screen protector film to shield the screen from scratches.

The downside is that they can be quite heavy even empty and overkill for simple day-to-day traveling.

If you don’t want to deal with transporting a full-size case every time you go out but still like having some protection when not carrying it around in another bag consider investing in one of the many smaller cases available today.

These include sleeve-like covers that fit tightly around just the laptop and zip closed at the top (no handle or strap); mini hard shells just large enough to hold your computer; and pouches with some padding to help absorb bumps.

Make sure any case you buy is the same size as your laptop or slightly larger so that it fits without slipping or excessive tension when zipping closed.

If you’re willing to spend some money on your new MacBook Pro already investing in a proper case is worth it for keeping your computer looking new.

Just keep in mind what features are most important to you and shop around until you find one that meets all of your requirements while also making the best use of your budget.

When buying an expensive MacBook Pro getting a case for it should be near the top of everyone’s list before any other accessories (screen protector etc.) because cases protect against damage theft (while traveling) and they look nice.

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