Best 13-inch Laptop Under 500 – [Top 13 Picks]

Looking for the best 13-inch laptop under 500?

After tons of research, we’ve put together for you this list of the best 13-inch laptops that cost just under $500.

Let’s take a look!

1. HP Pavilion 13-inch

With intel core i5 and 8265 U processors, the new HP Pavilion 13-inch laptop provides multitasking efficiency in an ultraportable design. 

Besides the display with a 13.3-inch diagonal FHD IPS BrightView micro-edge LED backlighting, the laptop has additional features as well. 

It has a solid-state drive with 256 GB PCI and NVMe and 8GB memory with DDR4-2400 SDRAM that is not upgradeable and a solid-state drive with 256 GB PCI and SDRAM memory. 

The laptop has a battery life capacity of approximately 11 hours which is nearly 10 hours for video playback and 7 hours for wireless streaming. 

A weight of just 2.88 pounds and dimensions of 12.24 x 8.30 x 0.61 inches make it ultra-thin and lightweight. 

There are some issues with WiFi connectivity but in general, the laptop is highly recommended.

2. Dell Inspiron 13-inch

With many inbuilt features, the Dell Inspiron includes a 13.3†screen that has an FHD LED-lit IPS Touchscreen Display and AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 on the back. 

A 2.4GHz Quad-Core processor and a 256GB Solid State Drive are standard on the Ryzen Ultrabook. Furthermore, the laptop also has 16 GB DDR4 2400 Memory and no optical drive. 

There are a lot of connectivity features, which make this laptop the best among others. It contains 11 ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, MaxxAudio Pro stereo speakers, and a 3 cell lithium-ion battery.

3. Acer Chromebook R 13

An updated version of Acer’s 13-inch laptop with Chrome OS has been released recently. 

Google Chromebooks come with all the necessary Google apps and standard apps for the activities you want to do on them that can be edited, downloaded, and converted directly to Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs. 

An excellent graphics coprocessor is attached to the laptop that has 4GB RAM with 32 GB flash memory. 

Multitasking is greatly facilitated by having 3 USB ports that can be used simultaneously. 

Also, the battery life is good as it provides 12 hours of continuous holding capacity. Additionally, the laptop has a Quad-Core full HD touch display, making it a great convertible laptop.

4. Lenovo ThinkBook 13s – IWL 13.3â€

It comes with 8 GB of internal memory and a 256 GB solid-state drive which can be expanded. It is one of the best 13′′ laptops with an Intel Core i5 8th Generation 8265U processor. 

This laptop is equipped with Intel UHD Graphics 620 for faster speed and gaming options with a processor speed of 1.6GHz and 8GB RAM. Multitasking is not a problem with this laptop as it has 8GB RAM and a 1.6GHz CPU. 

With dimensions of 20 x 12 x 3 inches and a 12-hour Lithium-ion battery option, the laptop weighs only 2.91 pounds. 

5. HP Pavilion 13 i3 – 8145U

With a 13.3†FHD IPS Brightview micro-edge display and a WLED backlight, this laptop is classy. It has recently been upgraded to Windows 10 home 64. 

An added feature is a processor with an Intel i3-8145U dual-core and graphics of 620. 

A key feature of this laptop is its backlit keyboard, which enables the user to use it in dark conditions and the fingerprint reader option ensures the safety of the files. 

With a dual speaker system and HD webcam, this computer captures all your senses and lets you interact with the outside world via the media. Additionally, it has many storage options for storing all types of media. 

The laptop’s weight of 2.2 pounds and the dimension of 12.2 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches makes it easy to carry around.

6. Jumper EZbook X3

With its ultralight construction and powerful performance, the Jumper EZ book offers a smooth and wonderful experience. 

A dual-core Intel processor under the hood of the laptop provides a smooth and stable multitasking experience for both personal and official use on the laptop. 

In terms of display features, it has a 13.3 inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display which makes it convenient to watch videos and browse data online. 

In addition to clicking memorable moments with this resolution, it also boasts impressive high-quality images. 

With 8mm thickness, this ultra-slim laptop with a stylish feature is perfect for daily use. It is lightweight and portable, so it can be used in the home, in the office, or wherever.

7. Acer Swift 13.3″

An Acer swift is the ultrabook with a stylish structure of pure silver and a fingerprint reader. The company is known for its ultra-thin laptops, and this is the upgraded version of the company. 

The main advantage of the laptop is that it has a full HD IPS display that’s comfortable to look at and doesn’t cause eye strain. 

Also attached to it are an HD webcam and stereo speakers. The Quad-core Intel Pentium N4200 with Intel HD Graphics 505 is the best feature of the laptop that is affordable. 

There are 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM 1600MHz and 64 GB of flash storage as well as a full set of wireless connectivity and Bluetooth options.

8. HP Envy 13

Unlike other models, this one has cutting-edge security options and high-quality technology such as a webcam kill switch and an integrated fingerprint reader. 

Display options include a 4K diagonal micro-edge touchscreen with gorilla glass and durable protective corning that can withstand every scratch and scrape. 

A 178 degree wide viewing angle accommodates 8.2 million pixels of content with a mesmerizing quality. 

Its features include bios recovery and protection, as well as a stylish metal finish and speaker grill, and a feature that is extremely durable. 

With an extended battery that lasts 13 hours with 10 hours streaming video and 6 hours of wireless streaming options, it comes with a super-fast processor with Intel Turbo Boost technology.

9. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

As one of the best budget 13-inch laptops, the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5” 13-inch Laptop could be an ideal choice for those who are used to working at home rather than going to work. 

Work from home, at university, or anywhere with the Intel 10th generation laptops’ exceptional productivity, accessibility, and multimedia features. 

The Lenovo Flex 5 delivers intelligent, intuitive, and sensitive properties that accommodate your needs.

These 2-in-1 laptops are designed with keyboards and panels so you can easily communicate with whatever is on your display. 

Most gaming laptops use AMD Radeon GPUs that provide high-quality graphics. By contrast, along with this platform’s storage capacity of 6 GB, this platform gives good performance for visuals. 

With a battery life of up to 10 hours, you’ll have everything you need. 

It also has a strong, stable link with the new Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Ethernet 5.0, as well as two separate headphone jack outlets, a USB Type-A connector, and audio input.

You can use and enjoy unlimited use of this laptop since it features a 240-Hz refresh rate together with responsiveness of 3 milliseconds.

10. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

Samsung Chromebook Plus 2-in-1 laptops are of outstanding quality, so you can happily use them with full confidence. These Samsung laptops are very high-end laptops, so they are of high-quality. 

With its glossy surface, the screen displays HD graphics against various backgrounds and is included in switching engineering. Though it appears conspicuous, though, the plastic covering is missing, ensuring transparency.

Even though it may be risky for your well-being to perform on a laptop for an extended period of time, this laptop can give you the brightest and most vibrant display in either laptop or tablet mode without affecting your vision.

This model is equipped with eight GB of RAM, which is more than sufficient for playing games. Animations and graphics performance play a significant role in the overall gaming experience.


At this price, you didn’t expect to get an Apple MacBook, did you?

The performance, quality, and portability of this laptop will leave you spellbound. It’s the best 13-inch laptop under $500 for professionals and students alike.

Incorporating a T2 security chip, its 4GB or 12GB hard drive can allow you to perform multi-tasks effortlessly. 

This laptop has the best and possibly best battery life under budget that ranges from 12 hours on a charge up to more than 16 hours on a charge up.

12. ASUS VivoBook Flip

One of the best laptops for traveling and working. The touchscreen with stylus lets you draw and it is often used by architects and engineers.

One of the best 13-inch laptops under $500 for performance and efficiency, this laptop offers excellent value for the price. 

3.3 lbs make this laptop easy to carry in your bag whenever you are traveling. The 64 GB storage capacity makes it an average notebook. 

Further, the laptop provides three times more battery life than any other laptop in the same price range.


The HD resolution significantly enhances the quality of images shown on the screen while the RAM RAM speed is 2.6 GHz. You will find the transfer of data to be quick and simple, which will leave you surprised. 

Despite its high storage capacity, this laptop is still under budget. Good for you, bad for them! 😅

Laptops are essential tools for all users, whether they are college students or IT professionals. You should use the laptop that meets your needs, be it for productivity and gaming, or social networking.

Some FAQs about 13-inch Laptops

Is 13 inches too small for a laptop?

For me personally, 13-inch is kind of too small, yes. But for some people, or maybe most people, it may not make a huge difference. Even I’m now starting to get used to my new M1 MacBook Air which is a 13-inch laptop that, a resolution that I’ve never tried before.

I’ve always been a 15.6″ laptop user, so it is a bit hard for me to get used to the new and smaller resolution. I still tend to use my older Windows 15.6 inch laptop more often, because of this issue. But if you are already comfortable with a 13-inch laptop, you should be fine I think.