Best 14-Inch Laptop Under $500 – Top 5 Picks

Looking for the best 14-inch laptop under 500 dollars?

These are the best 14″ laptops that cost just around $500 or under five hundred enabling you to perhaps do some light gaming or any type of office work that you want.

However a 14-inch screen isn’t a pleasing sight for those who are coming from a bigger display laptop like maybe a 17-inch laptop so consider getting a monitor with your 14-inch laptop to maximize your productivity.

If you’d rather use it just like a laptop and want to prefer portability over the display size here you go then these are the best 14-inch laptops under $500.

Let’s take a look.

Best 14 Inch Laptops Under 0 in 2022

What to Look for in a 14-Inch Laptop Under 0?

Display Quality

Because the laptop is 14 inches only it is crucial that you get one with a decent display that is bright enough for your use case and shows colors accurately if you are looking for one for photo editing and such.


Also because of its 14-inch footprint the laptop’s going to be most likely harder to upgrade because of the sorted components to the motherboard to save space.

If it’s important for you that you upgrade your laptop make sure it features upgradability possibilities.

However if you aren’t that concerned about the upgradability yes you can go ahead and get any of the best 14-inch laptops featured above that you like and call it a day.


Graphics are another factor to take into consideration when buying a 14-inch laptop.

Because it’s not a premium 14-inch laptop because of the $500 budget limit we’ve put here it’s probably going to have shared graphics that won’t allow you to play any serious games on it.

So yeah just make sure you’re not planning to play Triple-A games on it or anything! 😅

Battery Life

Battery life’s also going to suffer because of the low 14-inch size of the chassis.

So make sure to keep your plug with you most of the time so you don’t run out of juice during your important tasks.


You’ve guessed it.

Ports are also probably limited on a budget 14-inch laptop so make sure the ones you need are present before you order one.

Click the links and go and have a look at the specs to see if your favorite laptop has your favorite port.