15 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1500

Looking for the best gaming laptop under $1500?

After tons of research I’ve come up with a list of the best gaming laptops under 1500 dollars for you that you can pick up today and start playing your favorite games.

These are almost the top-of-the-line gaming laptops but with not so much top-of-the-line cost involved.

With just under 1500 dollars you’re getting the best laptop gaming experience you can wish for.

Let’s take a look.


The Best $1500 Gaming Laptop Right Now

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

  • Latest RTX 3060 GPU
  • Gorgeous RGB Keyboard
  • Wide Selection of Ports


If the other laptops are out of stock or you want some more options these are also the best gaming laptops that cost just around $1500.

You may even find one on sale here!

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Best Gaming Laptops Under 00

I’ll keep updating this list of budget gaming laptops from time to time however frequently I can keep my eyes on the latest and the greatest developments in the gaming laptop world.

If you feel this post is outdated please hit me up and let me know I’ll update it asap!


MSI Katana GF66

The MSI GF66 is a great gaming laptop with a lot to offer.

Some features include a 15.6″ full HD 144hz screen an intel core i7-11800H processor and an Nvidia GeForce rtx3060.

This laptop is great for gamers who want the best performance and experience they can get.

The high refresh rate on the screen will give you a smoother picture and less motion blur while the powerful processor and graphics card will let you play the latest games at high settings.

The laptop also comes with 64GB of ram and 512GB of storage so you’ll have plenty of space for your games files and photos.

Plus the keyboard has RGB backlighting so you can customize it to match your style.

And finally the wi-fi6 adapter will let you connect to the internet quickly and easily.


Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a powerful and portable laptop that offers a great gaming experience.

It features a 14″ 144Hz Full HD IPS Display 8 Cores AMD Ryzen 9 5900HSNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (16GB RAM  1TB PCIe SSD).

This allows you to enjoy fast and smooth gameplay with stunning visuals.

Additionally the 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H Processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics provide the power you need to run the latest games and creative software.

The laptop also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM for efficient multitasking and a 1TB PCIe SSD for storing your files.


ASUS TUF Gaming F17

The ergonomic keyboard is one feature of the ASUS TUF Gaming F17 that we enjoyed.

Backlighting is included and the gadget supports soft keystrokes.

This makes using your keyboard to play games much easier.

It includes a powerful 4.5 GHz core processor and a 144 Hz display with a 17.3-inch screen that makes images look spectacular.

The ASUS TUF Gaming F17 exceeds your expectations when it comes to storing your files and games.

This device has an internal 512 SSD and an external HDD option allowing you to store huge files on your C drive.

The addition of high-speed DDR4 RAM improves the user experience even more.

The ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop is an excellent choice for gamers who want a powerful and durable laptop.

The Intel Core i7-11800H Processor CPU and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Graphics deliver impressive performance while the robust construction ensures that the laptop can withstand the rigors of gaming.

Additionally the laptop has a number of features that make it easy to use including a backlit keyboard a large touchpad and ports that are conveniently located on the sides of the laptop.


MSI GE76 Raider

The MSI GE76 Raider is a gaming laptop that uses the latest technology to provide the best gaming experience.

Some of its features include an Intel Core i7-11800H processor a GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card 16GB of RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD.

These specs allow the laptop to run games smoothly at high settings and with high frame rates.

The laptop also has a 17.3″ FHD 144Hz screen that provides smooth gameplay and vivid colors.

Additionally the Wi-Fi6 antenna ensures strong internet connections even in crowded areas.

And finally the Windows 10 operating system provides a user-friendly interface and many built-in features that are useful for gamers.


ASUS TUF Dash 15

Specs: Intel Core i7-12650H RTX 3060 512GB SSD 16GB DDR5 4800MHz RAM 144Hz 15.6 Inch 1080p Display MUX Switch HDMI WiFi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 USB Type-C LAN Audio Jack

ASUS TUF Dash 15 with its new Intel Core i7-12650H Processor is a great choice for gamers and creative professionals.

It has a clock speed of 2.60GHz and with Turbo Boost it can reach speeds up to 4.10GHz.

It also has 8MB of cache memory.

The RTX 3060 Graphics card provides good performance for gaming and creative applications.

It has 6GB of GDDR6 memory and a 1920×1080 resolution.

The 512GB SSD provides plenty of storage for games applications and files.

The 16GB DDR4-4800MHz RAM allows for high-speed gaming and multitasking.

The 144Hz 15.6-inch 1080p display provides smooth motion playback and vivid colors.

The MUXSwitch allows you to easily switch between the built-in display and an external display.

The HDMI port lets you connect to an external display or television.


Acer AN517-54-77KG

Specs: Intel Core i7-12650H RTX 3060 512GB SSD 16GB DDR5 4800MHz RAM 144Hz 15.6 Inch 1080p Display MUX Switch HDMI WiFi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 USB Type-C LAN Audio Jack

The AcerAN517-54-77KG laptop is designed for users who need a powerful machine that can handle heavy workloads.

The IntelCorei7-11800Hprocessor and 16GBRAM ensure that the laptop can handle multiple tasks at once while the RTX3050Tigraphics card provides a great visual experience.

The 17.3-inch screen is also large enough to work on comfortably and the 1TBNVMeSSDstorage ensures that there is plenty of space for files.

Additionally the HDMI 2.1 and Thunderbolt 4 ports allow users to connect to external displays and devices while the USB Charging port allows them to quickly charge their devices.

Finally the RJ-45 and audio jack provide connectivity and audio support respectively.


Asus ROG Strix G17

The Asus ROG Strix G17 is a gaming laptop that offers a lot of features and advantages for the customer.

The laptop has a 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

It also has a 144Hz refresh rate which is great for gaming.

The AMD Octa-Core Ryzen 7 4800H processor is powerful and can easily handle multitasking and gaming.

It also has 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD which makes it fast and efficient.

The GeForce RTX 3060 6GB graphics card ensures high-quality graphics and gaming performance.

Lastly the USB-C port allows for fast data transfer and charging.


Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

It was declared the best gaming laptop of 2022 by Jarrod’s Tech – a famous laptop reviewer on YouTube

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is the best 1500-dollar gaming laptop you can get right now.

Intel’s new 12th-gen laptops are just around the corner you may even find one right now but they may not have the best combination of design as well as gaming performance as this Lenovo Legion 5 Pro has to offer.

Here’s a great review from Dave Lee you can check out:


ASUS ROG Strix G15

“I have had no issues with this laptop.

The Asus Strix rog 15.6-inch screen 300MHz refresh rate RTX 3050Ti 4 GB VRAM 16 GB memory 1 TB SSD Ryzen 8 core unit.” ~ Suns of Plunder

The ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2022) Gaming Laptop has a 300Hz 3ms IPS Type FHD Display that will give you a clear image while you’re playing your favorite games.

The laptop also has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 that will allow you to play games at high settings.

Additionally the laptop has 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB PCIe SSD that will give you plenty of space to store your games and files.

These specs make the ASUS ROG Strix G15 a strong contender for those looking for a gaming laptop under 1500 dollars.

However there’s a problem as well; which is that it features an older Ryzen 4th-Gen processor and not the latest 5th or 6th Gen CPUs.



The MSI GL66 Gaming Laptop is perfect for gaming because it has a 15.6″ 144Hz FHD 1080p Display that will provide you with a smooth gaming experience.

It also has an Intel Core i7-11800H Processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics Card which will allow you to play the latest games at high settings.

Plus it has 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD which will give you plenty of storage space for your games.

With these specifications it will be pretty hard not to play games.

If you buy this laptop your gaming skills will definitely improve significantly.


Lenovo Legion 5

The Lenovo Legion 5 15 Gaming Laptop is a great option for someone who is looking for a gaming laptop for under 1500 dollars.

This laptop has a 15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) display an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD.

It also has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics card.

This laptop is great for someone who plays games like Fortnite PUBG Minecraft Overwatch etc.

The RTX 3050 will allow you to play at respectable frame rates in these popular games.

The 16GB of RAM will allow you to multitask and play multiple games at once.

The NVMe SSD will help your computer load programs and files quickly.


Omen 17

The Omen 17 Gaming Laptop is a great option for someone who is looking for a gaming laptop under 1500 dollars.

This laptop has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card which will allow you to play most games at high settings.

It also has a fast Intel Core i7-11800H processor and 16 GB of RAM which will allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Additionally this laptop comes with a 512 GB SSD which will provide you with fast storage speeds.

The Omen 17 also has a long battery life so you can take it with you on the go away from an outlet.

However it’s not recommended that you use a gaming laptop this powerful on its battery power instead of using it plugged in which is what you should do to get the maximum gaming performance.

Otherwise why spend a whopping 1500 dollars on a gaming laptop?

Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop Under 00


When picking a gaming laptop under 1500 dollars make sure that you only look out for gaming laptops that feature a Ryzen 5000 CPU or Intel’s newest 12th Gen processors.

Those are the best you can get in this price range.


In terms of graphics cards I’d suggest that you look for a gaming laptop that features at least NVIDIA’s 3000 series graphics cards starting from NVIDIA RTX 3060 or higher.

The higher you go the more chances that you’ll find a refurbished gaming laptop under 1500.

However sticking with RTX 3060 graphics card is your best bet as you’ll get more performance as compared to what you’d get even with the RTX 3070 in the same chassis since the lower tier 3060 wouldn’t overheat.

Unlike the higher performance RTX 3070 which won’t let you gain the maximum performance anyway so why bother spending more and getting the same performance as the RTX 3060.


For storage you can look for a gaming laptop with at least an SSD and a 1TB hard drive.

Keep in mind that faster storage is better so if you can pick a laptop that features both SSD and M.2 PCIe NVME storage — even better.

Honestly speaking the more SSD or M.2 PCIe stores your laptop has the faster it will perform.

FAQs on Best Gaming Laptops Under 00

u003cstrongu003eWhich is the best gaming laptop under 1500?u003c/strongu003e

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is the best gaming laptop under 1500 dollars as of Jan 2022.

It won the best gaming laptop award from a few laptop reviewers on YouTube as well and it keeps its crown to date.

u003cstrongu003eWhich is the No 1 gaming laptop?u003c/strongu003e

Well the no 1 gaming laptop depends on what your budget is.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eFor example the #1 gaming laptop in the 1500 dollars budget range is the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro as mentioned a few times already.

u003cstrongu003eWhich laptop brand is best for gaming?u003c/strongu003e

Personally I don’t look at brands when buying a gaming laptop for maximum gaming performance.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eHowever if I’m also looking for premium build quality along with great gaming performance I’d pick a company like u003ca href=u0022https://laptopar.com/best-razer-mouse-for-gaming/u0022u003eRazeru003c/au003e for my gaming laptop.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOr maybe u003ca href=u0022https://laptopar.com/are-asus-computers-good/u0022u003eASUSu003c/au003e as well. u003ca href=u0022https://laptopar.com/are-lenovo-computers-good/u0022u003eLenovou003c/au003e laptops are also great for gaming.

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