Best Laptop for Novelists – [Top Picks]

Looking for the best laptop for novelists?

After tons of research and trying out the laptop myself I’ve come to the conclusion that the M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for novelists.

Why and what makes it the best laptop?

That’s what we’ll discuss next throughout the whole article.

Let’s get started!

The Amazing Keyboard

Its keyboard is simply the best in class probably the best keyboard out there in any laptop.

If the keyboard is best and feels great when typing it automatically makes it the best laptop for anyone who’s a writer and novelists are writers apparently.

Which would make this laptop a perfect laptop for novelists.

It’s the Magic keyboard that Apple used to include in their older version of MacBooks which they then replaced with newer butterfly keyboard and then faced tons of issues over the years until they now have brought back the older Magic keyboard design.

Everyone loves this keyboard including myself.

If you give it a shot I am sure you’ll love it as well and it’ll feel great when you type on it for long periods of time.

It doesn’t make a lot of noise either so you can use it when everyone’s sleeping.

A Silent Beast

Speaking of making no noise when everyone’s sleeping its fanless design also makes it an excellent choice for those who like to use their laptop in crowded places or at night when the family and the kids are sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up with the jet-like fan noise of your laptop.

Check out this great review of the M1 MacBook Air from MaxTech:


Its lightweight design and insanely long battery life make it a perfect portable laptop for those who like to travel a lot or just want the comfort of using their laptop whenever and wherever they want to without having to worry about it running out of battery.

I’ve been using the laptop for a couple of months now and I’ve never experienced the battery life being less than 10 hours.

It’s usually longer and goes for days without having to charge if I use it lightly and don’t do anything that’s heavy.

Check this video from Linus where he tests out battery life of these M1 Macs:


At this price you won’t find a laptop that beats the M1 powered MacBook Air.

I think its impossible to find a better one at this price that offers more value and performance at this price than this M1 MBA.

If you find one please do let me know.

You may wonder what is the use of this powerful chip? While you’re a writer or a novelist.

Well when you need to use multiple tabs of Chrome or do heavy multitasking and browse the web and play videos along the side as well that’s where the powerful M1 chip comes in and shines.

It’ll not let your experience degrade because you’re doing multiple heavy tasks and it’ll handle all the tasks with ease not letting you feel that you’re limited in any way and let you put your creativity on the document without any hurdles in the way.

Which is a great bonus for this laptop and the main reason I think it’s the best laptop for novelists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MacBook good for writers?

Macs are great for schools business or home use.

For writers particularly you can never go wrong regardless of the model you pick.

Our favorite is the M1 MacBook Air as you’ve probably guessed by now.

Why do writers use Macs?

They’re super fun to use! They’re the most stable PCs on the planet and especially after the M1 chip launch they’re now the fastest laptops on the planet until Apple releases their newer and 2nd Gen M1 processors.

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