Best Laptop for Retirees – [Top Picks]

Looking for the best laptop for retirees?

After tons of research we’ve put together this guide for retirees pensioner seniors who’ve now completed their employment years and are now looking to buy a laptop for maybe their personal home usage or just watching videos on YouTube and using the web in general.

We may list more than one laptop here but we’ll make sure that the best laptop stays towards the top of the list and the list’s always kept up-to-date.

Let’s have a look.

The Overall Best Laptop for Retirees

We think that the M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for retirees.

It’s an overall great value laptop that’s amazing in terms of performance and the value it packs for the amount of money it costs.

It’s freakishly powerful especially for retired people because they probably won’t have much heavy work to do unless they retired early and now are pursuing another career.

Apple’s new M1 chip that it packs is exceptional in terms of performance and speed when we compare it to Intel’s offerings in the same price point as the M1 MacBook Air comes in.

Here’s a comparison between the M1 MacBook Air vs the Intel MacBook Air just to let you know how much difference there is in terms of performance between the two and why it’d be a BAD idea to get the Intel model in 2022.

It’s the most portable laptop you’ll ever get your hands on.

Because its battery life is insanely long and lasts easily more than a day for most people without having to charge it which makes it a great travel laptop as well. 

But we’ll talk about that in another article maybe.


  • Insanely powerful for the price
  • Insane value for the price
  • Insane battery life (more than 10 hours for most people)
  • Best for retirees and anyone who needs a powerful portable laptop


The Second Best Laptop for Retired Seniors

Chromebook for retirees

Another laptop that’d be great for retirees would be a Chromebook!

Chromebooks are simple laptops that don’t pack a punch when it comes to performance and powerful components that can let you do heavy multitasking.

They’re great if you want to only browse the web use Google products such as Gmail and others they’re the best laptops for these more simple tasks.

Although if you want to do something heavy such as playing games occasionally the M1 MacBook Air is the way to go.

Click here to check out the most recent Chromebooks available on Amazon.


Overall we think that the M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for retirees.

It’s powerful enough that when they need power it’s there already.

When they need more battery life if they’re out of the city or something and need a laptop that’d last them the whole trip without needing a charge it’s there at their service.

If they need to watch some videos or listen to something on their laptop its display is color accurate enough that they’d enjoy the beauty of the footage as if they’re watching it in real life.

We can’t think of anything bad about this laptop other than the fact that it is a 13-inch laptop which may be a deal-breaker for some but not for others.

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