Best Laptop for Small Business Owners (2022)

Looking for a best laptop for small business owners?

Best Laptop for Small Business Owner

M1 MacBook Air

  • Great Performance
  • Insane Battery Life
  • Perfect Travel Laptop
  • Portable
  • Best Value for Money

We think that the M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for a small business owner. As for why we think that and what makes it the best laptop for small businesses and owners, that’s all coming up next…


As you may know, that the new M1 Chip is a beast of a CPU that has rocked the laptop world, especially Intel’s world! (As they are the competition!)

Intel hadn’t done anything unique per se, so they must be biting their fingers by now, especially because of the lack of innovation from their end.

Check out this video if you don’t know what I am talking about:


The M1-powered MacBook Air is a great laptop that performs amazingly well for the price it costs.

As a small business owner, you’ll not regret your decision of making a purchase of this little beast of a laptop. No matter what type of heavy multitasking you do, or even if it’s a light kind of web browsing and media consumption and even zoom meetings that you do, the M1 MacBook Air will not disappoint.

In fact, it is the perfect laptop for exactly these kinds of tasks, which is why we recommend it to almost anyone out there who doesn’t have a lot of experience of buying laptops.

Even though I do have a lot of experience, but I still purchased this M1-based MacBook Air.

Saves Time

Because it is so powerful, it will eventually save you hours and hours of time as you keep on using it. Where most laptops waste your time when they are not as responsive and quick as you’d want them to be, that’s where this M1 powerhouse of a laptop comes in and shines bright.

Time is money, as you know, and it is even more so for people like you who’re small business owners when they need to dedicate their time more and more towards focusing on growing their business, instead of wasting it on a slow laptop that forces them to wait around for it to finish processing their tasks.

Lasts Long

Because the M1 chip is so power-efficient, it is a great laptop for those who want one that lasts as long as possible, without having to charge it frequently.

It sips power, and only uses as much as you need and the work you are doing requires, and saves the rest.

That’s the kind of smart laptop I’d love to have, as a small business owner, wouldn’t you?

Doesn’t Cost Much

As you probably know that it only costs $999 on Apple Store, and you may even find it for a lower price than that if you buy it on Amazon.

Because Amazon is known for deals that are going on almost all the time, so make sure you bookmark the page, visit it daily and whenever it is cheaper, hit the purchase button and it’s on your doorstep soon enough!


It’s a very lightweight laptop. It weighs around 2.25 lbs (pounds), which is not too lightweight, but surely isn’t heavy as some of the other laptops at this price point.

Perfect Travel Laptop

Because it’s lightweight, and its battery lasts about 10 hours or more for most people and their tasks, and because of its responsiveness, it’s probably the best travel laptop as well, not just the best laptop for small business owners.

Doesn’t Annoy People

Because it’s a fan-less design, it produces absolutely ZERO fan noise, obviously. And this alone is the reason I’d purchased it in the first place. But everything else, makes it an even more attractive laptop in my eyes, especially for small business owners like yourself.

Also, when you are in a meeting, if your laptop suddenly starts its jet engine (fan), it feels kind of awkward, doesn’t it? When people stare at your laptop and say to themselves, “what is it doing?”

No more!

This fanless laptop saves you from that awkward situation as well.