Best Laptop for Travelers in 2022

In search of the best laptop for traveling? 

Well the best travel laptop would be the M1 MacBook Air.


Best Laptop for Travelers in 2022

M1 MacBook Air

  • Great Performance
  • Insane Battery Life
  • Perfect Travel Laptop
  • Portable
  • Best Value for Money

We’ll discuss it in today’s article and share why it is the best and why not some other Mac laptop or why not a windows laptop?

Let’s find out!


The first reason the M1 MacBook Air is the best travel laptop is because it is the best performance laptop you’ll find which is this portable and travel-friendly.

It beats out almost all the CPUs on the market right now as I did test it out against many famous processors that are more expensive.

It outperforms many processors in single-core performance which is crucial for tasks like browsing the web and the overall responsiveness of your day-to-day usage.

Battery Life

Because the M1 chip is so efficient it gives you battery life that’s almost insane and unimaginable and hadn’t been experienced before on a laptop this powerful.

This is the number 1 reason I purchased the M1 MacBook Air myself as well because it lasts DAYS without having to think about charging it especially if you’re using it here and there and aren’t doing anything CPU-heavy.

If I use it all day long easily I’d be able to get a full working day out of it and so would you if you use it as your full-time travel laptop.


It’s the most portable laptop you’ll find at this price point.

Because its battery life is so long that you won’t need to bring a charging cable with you or a power bank to charge your laptop if it runs out of juice.

You can easily expect 10+ hours of usage out of it if you aren’t doing anything heavy but moderate CPU usage tasks.

General web browsing and watching multimedia would get you at least 10 hours while using Safari should get you more than 10 hours.


Now a laptop this powerful and portable and that lasts more than 10 hours guaranteed you wouldn’t be able to find it at this price point of $999!

This is another reason that we think that the M1 MacBook Air is the best travel laptop you can get your hands on because it costs so little and offers so much value at this price point.

The base model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage should be more than enough for a traveling person to carry around with especially if they aren’t editing videos or photos and just need a powerful enough laptop that’d handle every task they would need to perform on their portable powerful laptop.

It’s almost a dream come true for me because it almost seems impossible that this laptop exists the performance and battery life combo just is too unreal to experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about M1 MacBook Air

Can fly with an M1 MacBook Air?

Many laptop computers operate on lithium batteries so carry-on luggage is always required.

According to the TSA website lithium batteries are not permitted in checked bags.

According to standard TSA guidelines Apple users with smaller or enhanced models of MacBook Pro can still fly these devices.

Which MacBook is not allowed on planes?

Air India advised passengers that they should not carry the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro (purchased between September 2015 and February 2017) as checked-in or hand baggage.

Why is MacBook Pro not allowed on flights?

According to Apple older 15-inch MacBook Pros may experience battery overheating.

Since Apple’s announcement the FAA the aviation authority in the US has banned the recalled MacBook Pro laptops from flights.

Does the M1 MacBook Air overheat?

No the M1 MacBook Air doesn’t overheat.

In fact Apple didn’t put a fan inside this laptop because it’s M1 chip was so efficient meaning less heat and you won’t even feel it unless you’re pushing the laptop to its boundary-limit performance.

Even when you do push it to that level it’ll still feel like your Intel MacBook Air just started and hasn’t kicked the fans yet.

It’d be lukewarm at the most.

Watch this video if you want to see real-life testing of the M1 MacBook Air about how hot it gets: 

How do I charge my MacBook Air on a plane?

You will need a portable laptop battery charger on the plane to charge your laptop.

There’s a lot more power needed for laptops than a charging system meant for smartphones and you’ve got to connect the charger to the laptop.

In order to mimic a wall outlet portable laptop chargers have two-pronged or three-pronged connections.

Or you could simply take a power bank with you and charge your M1 MacBook Air.

We recommend Anker power banks they’re the best!

Are power banks allowed on planes?

You are not permitted to carry power banks in checked luggage.

They must only be carried in hand luggage or carried around.

Power banks with power rated between 100Wh and 160Wh can be carried without approval; power banks in the power range can be carried only after the approval of the air carrier.

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