Best Laptop for Virtual Teaching – [Top Picks]

Looking for the best laptop for virtual teaching?

We’ll show you the best laptops that we think are great for virtual teaching taking online classes or teaching online virtually from your home or office.

Let’s dig in!

Best Laptop for Virtual Teaching

M1 MacBook Air

  • Amazing Camera Quality (Ai)
  • Long Lasting (10 Hours+)
  • Great for Portability
  • Perfect for Virtual Teaching

M1 MacBook Air – Our Pick for Virtual Teaching

Here are some of the things that we thought make it the perfect laptop for virtual teaching taking or giving online classes.

That Perfect Ai-improved Camera

Apple has improved their M1 MacBook Air’s camera quite a lot!

Here’s a quick comparison between their older Mac camera vs the newer and Ai-powered one:

Night and day difference don’t you think?

This new and improved webcam or camera now is capable of hosting virtual teaching classes and is also a great laptop for those who’re nowadays taking online classes from their home.

Even if the lighting condition isn’t the best it’ll still try to show you in the best possible way to your teacher or to your student.

It’s not a 1080p webcam though but being a 720p webcam it still is very capable especially after they’ve improved it quite a lot.

Its audio is great as well almost matches the “studio quality” mic of the MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Long Lasting Battery

I have this laptop and it lasts me easily more than 10 hours with moderate multitasking and using multiple Chrome tabs.

If I use Safari it’d last me even longer.

Here’s a battery test that Linus did when these M1-powered laptops came out:

Because the battery lasts so long you’ll never again have to worry about the charge running out or having to charge your laptop.

It’ll easily last you a full working day especially those who’re teaching virtually because they don’t use a lot of CPU-heavy programs so it is expected that you should get more than 10 hours of use out of this laptop.

It’s Portability

It’s insanely portable as well!

Because it lasts pretty much FOREVER meaning no need to charge it during your workday charge it at night and take it with you in the morning.

It’s also quite lightweight which also makes for a portable and travel-friendly laptop.

Its 13-inch size is another thing that makes it a portable laptop that’s easy to carry around in your bag and take with you wherever you go.

You don’t even need to bring your charger with you because it lasts insanely long.

We can’t praise this laptop enough because of how portable it is.

To get an idea of its portability we recommend that you watch this video:

No Fan Noise!

Because it’s a fan-less laptop it means there would be no noise that’d annoy people because of you.

One more benefit that we think is more for people like you who are virtual teachers is that because there’s no fan and no fan noise you’ll have cleaner audio in your online teaching sessions.

Or even recorded videos because sometimes when you’re recording a video the laptop kicks its fans which ruins the audio but then you have to just ignore it because it’d be a waste of time if you stop the recording and do something about the noise.

Another benefit of no fan is that there’s no maintenance! The fan causes the dust to come in which then needs to be taken out if you want to improve the thermal performance of your laptop and this all annoying process you won’t have to deal with when you get the M1 MacBook Air.

If you’re wondering that no fan means nothing to cool off the laptop? Don’t worry! Because the M1 is so efficient that it doesn’t even need an active cooling solution it is enough to slap a heat sink on it as Apple did and call it a day.

Just like smartphone processors don’t require active cooling solutions such as fans.

The Complete Package

Looking at all these advantages of getting the M1 MacBook Air we think it is a complete and perfect package for most people especially for you who’s going to use it for virtual teaching and taking online classes.

Its camera is perfect for this as well as its built-in microphone.

Its performance is great as well and it is efficient enough so you get the performance as well as the battery life.

A perfect and complete package don’t you think?

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