Best Logitech Mouse for Gaming – [Top 16 Picks]

Looking for the best Logitech mouse for gaming?

Best Logitech Mouse for Gaming

Logitech G203 Prodigy

  • Great for Gaming
  • Affordable
  • Feels Good in Hand
  • Ideal for Long Gaming Sessions
  • Best Value for Money

After tons of research, we’ve put together for you this list of the top 16 best Logitech mice for gaming, and pick whichever you feel suits your hands best!

Let’s take a look at these 16 best Logitech gaming mice.

1. Logitech G G502 Lightspeed

 It performs exceptionally well. Fast, 25,600dpi performance makes it unbelievable. 

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t all that great. Once the mouse is fully charged, it lasts a couple of days. 

And the battery loses life faster when playing games than when browsing the internet. 

On the plus side, the battery charges fast. But for this much money for a mouse, I would expect a longer battery life even though it is rechargeable.

2. Logitech G203 Lightsync

The mouse is quite comfortable once you have your hands on it. It has six programmable buttons, which makes it great for gaming. 

As well the central mouse wheel has a notch so you can tell when rotating when the left or right buttons are pressed. 

There are two side thumb buttons in addition to one other center button. They are easy to distinguish and toggle between. This is great to game with.

Despite its precision, a really good feature of this mouse is its ability to work on practically any surface. It works well on glass, granite countertops, carpets, and hardwood desks.

3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This is one of the best gaming mice you will find. It can be customized to your own preferences. In addition, you can customize DPI and color settings, as well as media buttons and a lot more.

Although this Logitech mouse is quite expensive, it is well worth the hefty price. 

The mouse is ideal for gamers or anyone who needs to work on a computer. The sturdy construction ensures that it will last many years to come. 

This mouse’s functions can be easily tailored with the Logitech G software and will help you to be more productive or for gaming and it has excellent build quality. The sensor is extremely precise as well.

Anyone who likes to play games would enjoy this, with the added benefit of utilizing it outside of games as well.

4. Logitech G G305 Lightspeed

Although it’s a bit pricey, it feels more responsive and fast than most mice. 

It can be configured in many ways for gamers. In addition to gamers, many other individuals can get an advantage by using it.

Throughout the process of setting the dpi, you may feel a bit annoyed while making the adjustments because they are done in real-time.

Also, the software can be downloaded from the Logitech website to explore 16.2 million color combinations as well as breathing effects. 

It will also get in sync with your Logitech gaming keyboard. It can be calibrated from software and will be adjusted to measure whatever surface of your mouse mat you have.

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5. Logitech G203 Prodigy

A good, affordable gaming mouse that feels good in the hand and performs well for extended periods of gaming. 

Additional buttons can be assigned to key bindings on the side as well as a nice scrolling wheel. Furthermore, the lighting feature is an added bonus. And no batteries required.

A happy customer says: “I bought my mouse for me just for general use but when my son found out he wanted it for gaming. Apparently, it is a very good mouse for gaming, as he ditched his old gaming mouse and started winning Fortnite games.â€

6. Logitech G604 Lightspeed

The button layout is great for creating macros and is extremely user-friendly when it comes to the numbering system on the side. Even in some games, the numbers aren’t displayed correctly. 

Because the G604 is meant for gaming, it is important that the battery be replaced with as little downtime as possible. A small groove guides you to the spot where you need to lift the cover, making removal easy.

I like the release mechanism because it has a nice click and it doesn’t have a delay. Unlike some of the Logitech mice, this one doesn’t appear to be powered by electronics because it takes a noticeable push to move it from free-flow to click. 

Besides being a panning wheel, the scroll wheel also allows left/right/down clicks. In contrast, traditional home/office mice don’t have that loud of clicks, but more traditional mice make these kinds of clicks all the time.

You have a seemingly endless amount of customization options with six thumb buttons. The G Hub software lets you save different mapping settings so remapping doesn’t have to become part of your pre-game warm-up routine. 

There are also +/- buttons on the left side of the mouse and they control the DPI switcher by default.

7. Logitech G G502 Hero

You can easily add or remove the included weights or ignore them since the mouse has not been engineered in cooperation with either Boeing or Tesla. 

It fits really well on my Wookiee paw. It has plenty of buttons you can use (or not use) for the office, home, and you know….heavy gaming. Cool!

This mouse has three buttons that are easily accessible. Likewise, it is exceptionally comfortable and durable as well as extremely responsive.

The DPI is excellent, as well as the speed, which is among the highest available in this category. It provides superior performance with respect to other wired mice on the market. 

There is no such thing as a mouse that does not perform well from Logitech.

8. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Installing the software will allow you to adjust the speed, lights, and other settings. (available on both Windows and Mac).

There are 5 levels of speed you can adjust with circling RGB lights and you can set each level of speed to a different exact dpi with the software you downloaded on your PC.

You can set up groups of configurations however you like or let different users use the same mouse without having to adjust detailed settings every time.

9. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

With the on-board buttons, this mouse gives you a variety of controls for gaming on the fly. 

The mouse can be fixed to move swiftly across the screen or can be moved slowly by touching a button on the mouse’s side. A handy choice if you’re trying to sneak somewhere.

Its slick design makes your hand feel comfortable and relaxed while playing. Except for when you play Call of Duty. 

Good gaming mouse if you have a Microsoft standard mouse and want to upgrade it.

10. Logitech G502 Proteus Core

Not only does it work well in games and on the internet, but there are plenty of ways to customize the overall weight of the mouse. 

Is the cursor moving too slowly? Try using the two upper left buttons. 

Whenever the computer shuts down, the blue glowing logo goes away. Which looks cool!

Great mouse for gaming! All the buttons are easy and quick to program, and switching between profiles is easy, as well. 

Switching between dpi formats quickly and easily works like a charm. 

The mouse is so easy to use, after a day you’ll never go back.

11. Logitech G G600 MMO

Comfortable and responsive. Buttons can be customized for use in and outside of gaming. 

It’s missing a dedicated horizontal scroll button. There are macros and keyboard shortcuts you can set to some of the buttons, and the software suggests a custom profile based on the application the user is working with.

It’s the side buttons that are really impressive. Logitech has paid attention to making sure the buttons are easy to identify with a touch. 

Unlike some mice that have buttons that feel identical, the M600 has the buttons arranged in two groups so your thumb fits comfortably in the concave depression in each, so you can tell which button is which. 

Because you know instantly which one you’re touching, there’s no chance of pressing the wrong button.

12. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Its low friction bottom pads assist in making it the smallest amount of effort to move it around whenever you use a mouse pad, a plastic one.

For FPS players, the most essential controls feature the two clickers, a scroll wheel with built-in buttons, and two buttons at the bottom of the left stick. 

You wouldn’t know unless you were looking for it that Logitech had to compromise structurally to get it so lightweight.

This wireless mouse performs exceptionally well because of its hero sensor and lightspeed technology. 

My gaming skills are not high but I do feel like not dealing with wires and having a wireless computer gives me an edge over a wired one.

Despite being featherweight, this mouse uses heavyweight punches on his opponent. 

Being one of the best wireless mice on the market for gaming whilst keeping the design lightweight makes this device one of the best available.

13. Logitech G703 Lightspeed

I bet you are wondering what is the difference between any mouse and a gaming mouse. The difference is immense! The accuracy with this G703 is outstanding! 

That’s right, the resolution is above what all regular computer mice have. The size is just right for gaming. Feels right in the hand. The clicks feel solid and precise with good travel and quiet as well.

Also, the regular additional features, including the scroll, are all easy to use and work as usual. 

It is possible to use it wirelessly or as a wired mouse. It has no jumping feeling or struggles to get it accurate.

Charging time is quite short. After approximately 20 min, the green light turns steady. It’s a great invention that you can’t stop using.

14. Logitech G903

There is no need to mention how good this mouse is since it is currently the king of wireless gaming mice. 

I am sure somebody watching this review has already looked at a number of professional reviews on the internet. 

As a result, it’s not a cheap mouse. Thus I will only offer my personal experience on what buyers should watch out for. 

Due to its design, the mouse is not very ergonomic friendly but is perfect for left-handed people. 

For long gaming sessions, it is not the best mouse for left-handed people. Therefore, it is perfect for left-handers with a 20 dollar mouse. 

The G703 wireless might be more suitable for right-handed people. Same tracking system inside, but with improved ergonomics.

15. Logitech G602

This is the mouse to get if you are into PC gaming because there are a lot of other high-end mice available out there that have lots of button configurations. 

But I have to admit that some of those extreme mice have too many buttons. This one is just right. And it’s easy to customize. 

I would recommend this to everyone. You can run it in performance mode or in efficiency mode.

This is a great entry-level gaming mouse that’s not too expensive and works well. It’s good if you’re into casual gaming and don’t need an overly complicated gaming mouse.

16. Logitech MX518

Legendary is a revival of the Logitech G MX518 that was released in 2005. 

With its broad and adjustable CPI range and low click latency, the 2019 version is a good option for casual gaming. 

The G-HUB software lets you remap all of its buttons and even assign that button as a G-Shift button, so you can control the device in a number of ways. 

It’s very comfortable to use, however it may not be suitable for people with small hands since it is quite long with any grip type. 

Despite the fact that its parts are cheaply made, and these buttons have different pre-travel distances from the rest, making this mouse is a great gaming mouse for its price.