Best Month Of The Year To Buy A NEW Laptop?

Opinions may vary but because of the nature of demand and supply it would be logical to think that laptop computers are in higher demand during the colder months.

This makes sense for two reasons: first there’s a need to replace laptops which have been lost or broken over the summer.

Second no one wants to carry around bulky/heavy winter clothing with them throughout their day more than is absolutely necessary.

I was able to find various sources on the topic such as this article from WiseGeek and this article from Investopedia all agreeing on this same idea.

They both reached many of the same conclusions I am about to present:

1) November is typically a great time for deals for new computer products (also applies to iPads).

They are looking forward ahead of time to the holiday season which makes them want to make room on the shelves for new products by moving older models off.

2) January is typically a bad time of year for laptop computers.

The Christmas rush has come and gone so there’s no need for retailers to keep extra inventory in stock.

Many will use this month as a time to try and clear out excess inventory from Q4 because they know that Q1 (when schools start back up again and people generally use their laptops more frequently) will be one of their best periods during the year.

Should I buy a laptop now? Or wait for another latest model?

The best time to buy a laptop computer is the time at which you absolutely need one.

If you’re reading this article chances are you’re considering buying another one and starting school in September (or perhaps it’s December and your current laptop has finally given up).

Because we’ve established that January is typically a bad time of year for laptops I’d recommend waiting until next month if you can possibly bear it.

Prices will be lower and you won’t have to worry about any new models coming out before then.

There’s no such thing as a good or bad time to buy anything on an annual basis unless demand/supply trends change drastically every year.

For example Black Friday is often considered good for deals because retailers want to have inventory to sell on that day so they are more willing to have sales on that day.

Another example: If a new iPad comes out in September it usually will be more expensive than previous models because there’s increased demand for the newest model.

Apple is better off releasing their new models during this time of year because prices can’t really go any lower and I’d imagine they have enough supply to meet demands.

If they release them later in the year (like March) then black Friday may still be considered a good time to buy products like iPads Macs laptops etc.

If you consider that “the best month of the year” relative to another product or service is entirely dependent upon how it compares against other competing products and services you can probably see why this is a loaded question.

In certain ways it is dependent upon your personal situation (when do you need a laptop?) but not entirely because of comparables with other products.

I hope this helps shed some light on the idea that the best time to buy anything purely depends on what you’re buying and when during the year you can afford it or actually need it for a specific purpose.