Best Razer Mouse for Gaming – [Top 10 Picks]

Trying to find out the best Razer mouse for gaming?

Today we talk about some of the most famous and best Razer mice that are great for gaming.

There may be other reasons why Razer mice are famous but we’ll primarily focus on gaming in this article and identify the best Razer mice specifically for playing games.

Razer DeathAdder V2

This is a well-designed mouse that surpasses the Deathadder Elite in quality. 

Mainly upgraded are the flexible cable similar to the one found on the glorious model o and the flattened right side for a safer shape. 

Aside from that the mouse feet have been improved for a smoother glide across the mouse pad. I think this mouse is one of the best for any game.

This is a great mouse for gaming and general everyday use. It feels great in your hand and follows your movements. It works so well that it is effortless to use. 

This mouse feels great in hand and It also looks great- I absolutely love the neon lights! I highly recommend it!

Razer Basilisk V2

You can choose either Deathadder V2 or Basilisk V2 there is only a difference in shape.

The number of companies that manufacture gaming mice is growing. They now install the third frontal side button in addition to the dual side buttons. 

There are differences between mice based on their shapes along with their maximum DPI settings. However certain gamers do use settings greater than maybe 5000 DPI. 

The Polling rate can be tweaked along with lift and set down timing. 

Razer Synapse PC will now know how big it is and how smooth it is in order to tweak some small advantages in performance. You can make this adjustment by zigzagging from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

When playing long games this mouse feels better. The G-Series mouse was smaller and tighter while the Deathadder feels more open. 

All the buttons on the side are positioned just right for games such as COD LOL Overwatch and Paladins. 

The software is relatively easy to use but you can set up custom profiles if you want. 

It is very easy to customize the lighting user profiles and game controls.

With its Comfortable Precise and numerous options available for every level of the user or just plug and play for easy use a mouse is a great option!

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Despite it being pretty pricey it is very comfortable and the quality of the build is excellent. 

This mouse has many features but it will feel weird in small hands and it will look weird on right-handed individuals. 

For curiosity’s sake and out of picky taste it works with nearly every popular mouse in the last 5 or so years. 

There is no mouse as comfortable quality made or features as this one. 

This mouse can be used either wired or wireless and the resulting response loss is so minimal that it is also unreal due to its 3ms response time while wireless. 

The charging dock is somewhat odd; the mouse has to be placed high but once you get used to it it doesn’t pose a problem. 

It’s ridiculous the way this mouse will last for 10 hours while the headphones died after a couple of hours. 

Based on the best in market sensor up to 20K dpi it is expected this mouse’s accuracy and smoothness will be unparalleled even at lower sensitivity settings. 

The compact grip offers a variety of grip options and fits a wide range of hand sizes regardless of your digit size. 

The scroll wheel could be moved further towards the end of the design for a palm grip but a claw grip is perfect. 

I like it better without the cable drag than with the wire too that requires a bit of effort but it is manageable with the cable as well. 

Although the dock is nice and will likely make the micro USB and the cable last longer it is a luxury item so you might want to wait for sales or maybe don’t get the ultimate version of this mouse appeals to you. 

The Logitech G502’s similar button layout and the overall shape is probably the next best thing if you can’t afford this mouse.

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Razer Viper

With its ergonomic shape Viper Ultimate is easy to use with almost any mouse grip. 

Even for those of us who have small hands the shape and size of the mouse feel comfortable and ambidextrous while being ergonomic in design.

Although it is not the lightest ultralight mouse available the weight feels good for a wireless mouse. It’s not too heavy and it works well on any desk.

You won’t experience any connection lags while playing games and there’s no noticeable lag from the wireless. 

Just in the sense that their high-pitched clicks are not as prominent as G Pro Wireless or like Glorious Model O’s they are somewhat mushy. 

Despite the lack of a mouse pad the mouse has very good tracking and you can create custom tracking profiles within Synapse for different mousepads. 

I’m going to say that the Razer Viper Ultimate is still better than the GPW X Superlight in terms of performance but its shape suggests that it will still beat it in terms of quality. 

Also on the horizon is the new Glorious Model O wireless mouse so that’ll be an interesting comparison to see how the Viper compares. However the Viper grips may be more attractive to some users than the smooth sides of the Model O. 

You need a lightweight mouse that is reliable comfortable and durable and that is the Viper Ultimate mouse.

Razer Viper Mini

A mouse of this caliber would be worth twice as much as it does at such a low price. 

Despite the mouse weighing only 61 grams the cable is flexible and doesn’t make movement feel stiff. 

While I find the Coolermaster MM710 cable to be more flexible it is still unnoticeable and I think this one is still just as great. 

Construction works very well there are no creaking or wobbly parts. The left and right mouse buttons have an improved click feeling compared to Viper’s original one. 

In my opinion they aren’t quite crispy like some Logitech mice but that’s a worthwhile tradeoff since you won’t get double click issues with these switches. 

Aside from the coating being nice and grippy and having a smooth texture the sensor is inferior to most mice that use the 3360 on paper but in reality there are no real-world differences between them. 

Using this sensor reduced the price by a substantial amount which I welcome. No tracking issues were encountered with it at all.

You should keep in mind that this mouse is SMALL. If you have medium-sized hands like me then it will take some time to get used to it.

Compared to a larger and heavier mouse you will find it easier to aim in games with a smaller mouse after you use it for a few days.

While this mouse is shorter and narrower than its bigger brother it still has the same height as the other. 

People who primarily play first-person shooters competitively such as CS: GO Rainbow Six Siege Overwatch and Fortnite would benefit most from this mouse. 

If you’re 10 or under these mice require no thought. If you’re in your twenties and want to try smaller mice for competitive gaming then go for it. 

It might feel cramped to large hands but that is for someone else to decide. Let’s hope Razer will release a wireless version.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Great build quality and great build quality make the Razer Deathadder Chroma fantastic. Perfect size fast and accurate. 

It’s also easy to tell when the wheel and Razer logo are lit due to the RGB/Chroma color-changing feature. 

This software controls the mouse’s features and buttons well but it does require that you register in the beginning. Once that’s done you can close it. 

Definitely recommended! The driver installation was automated so there was no need to search for it. Just plug it in and it starts.

With Razer’s wide range of gaming accessories it’s no wonder mice are one of the top sellers. 

They make good gaming mice that are well built and offer plenty of customization options; if you’re searching for a good gaming mouse from Razer you’ll probably not be disappointed in the vast number of options they offer.

Razer DeathAdder USB Infrared Mouse

This gaming mouse has a great feel and has quick precise button clicks. The tracking is fast and accurate. This is a good gaming mouse. 

Especially the dpi ranges can be customized very easily. I like the color-changing stuff but it’s not really there for me. 

A user said: “I use a “fingertip” style grip when I use this mouse since I prefer my fingers to sit back and to be purposely out of the way. The mouse works but I do notice it is a little more difficult to use. “

In addition to being coated with an elastic material the chord includes a tie that allows it to be cinched up. 

You can easily scroll and select items using this wheel because it’s not a flywheel so you won’t need to scroll for a long period.

Razer Naga Trinity

With three included side plates any of them can be changed which is a very useful feature.

By simply removing the magnetically attached side plate you can switch from gaming to production. 

It’s very easy to remove the old one and replace it with the new one. 

It might be a little problematic to use the DPI switch which is incredibly sensitive and can make it a bit difficult to control your cursor. However in the cases where it works fine it might be a great feature to have for those who often play fast-paced games.