Can A 17-Inch Laptop Fit In A Backpack?

You may know this already but if your laptop isn’t larger than 18 inches or so your 17-inch laptop won’t probably fit in your backpack.

It will fit in some but not all.

The size of the average 17-inch laptop is 16.3 x 10.6 x 1.8 inches which is pretty much bigger than your standard backpack will allow in length width and depth.

If you have a good-sized 17-inch model it might not fit in your backpack at all.

If you are looking for a 17-inch laptop bag or case try to look around to see if you can find one that offers more protection than just being able to put the laptop in when traveling.

The cases need to be sturdy enough so that when there are bangs and knocks on public transport so nothing happens to the laptop inside.

You also want something comfy because after all it’s going to be sitting against your back all day.

17 inch laptops are too big for standard backpacks but if you want to use a backpack then it is probably best to look for smaller models.

If you do choose a bigger laptop make sure it has handles so that you can carry it around by hand.

Alternatively many people will carry them around in big strong laptop bags or even wheeled trolley cases which are basically like backpacks on wheels! 17″ laptops are massive beasts of machines indeed.

You could also consider buying an expensive waterproof backpack just for your precious laptop.

A lot of companies offer these kinds of products now as part of their range- just ensure the one you buy has plenty of padding and protection around all four corners.

You could have the perfect-sized laptop bag that also provides a lot of protection you just need to shop around a bit.

The solution is simple: when buying backpacks for laptops make sure the backpack is designed with laptops in mind.

A 17″ laptop may not fit in some bags or cases but it will certainly fit in others.

Here are some 17-inch laptop backpacks you can try if you don’t currently have a big enough backpack to fit your 17-inch laptop.

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