Can I Eat A Laptop? (Are Laptops Tasty?)

Yes you can eat a laptop – but you really shouldn’t.

The average laptop contains about 18 grams of chromium which is toxic in high doses.

And that’s not to mention the lead mercury arsenic and other heavy metals that are often found in electronics.

So while it’s technically possible to eat a laptop it’s not advisable.

Instead try to stick to food that is naturally occurring and good for you.

Your body will thank you for it!

Is it healthy to eat a laptop?

It is not healthy to eat a laptop.

Laptops are not made to be eaten and they are not a part of a balanced diet.

Eating laptops can cause health problems because they contain harmful chemicals and metals that are not meant to be ingested.

Consuming laptops can also lead to digestive issues and other health complications.

So it is best to avoid eating laptops altogether and opt for healthier foods instead.

What happens if you eat a laptop?

If you eat a laptop you’ll probably end up with a stomachache.

Laptops are made of hard plastic materials which can be difficult to digest.

In addition laptops contain heavy metals and other toxins which can be harmful if ingested.

Swallowing a small amount of laptop dust is unlikely to cause any serious harm but eating large quantities of laptop dust could potentially lead to health problems.

It’s best to avoid eating laptops altogether and to instead use them for their intended purpose – typing on a computer screen!

Can human stomach digest a laptop?


Your stomach is not a trash can.

It’s not equipped to digest things like plastic or metal.

In fact if you try to swallow something like a laptop it could get stuck in your throat and cause serious damage.

There are actually cases of people who have died after swallowing things like coins or small pieces of plastic because they got stuck in their throats and couldn’t breathe.

So please don’t try to swallow your laptop! There are plenty of other ways to recycle it.

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