Can I Upgrade My Hp Laptop Ram To 16GB?

Yes if your HP laptop has 8GB of RAM already installed built into the board and there’s one RAM slot empty you can install another 8GB RAM stick there and you’ll have a total of 16GB of RAM in your laptop.

However you must make sure that the size is correct for your laptop board.

This is because if it doesn’t match this can damage your motherboard and other hardware on the computer so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without any prior knowledge of how to upgrade their own RAM.

You need to know what size of RAM your HP machine can handle before buying one or else you may be forced to spend more money replacing parts on the computer than just tossing it out and getting a new one instead.

Some HP models only support 8GB maximum while some models support 16GB maximum memory installed at once.

You need to find out which type your machine is before upgrading its memory or else you will void the HP warranty and you may not be able to receive support or replacement parts either.

Best way to find out is through the HP website some model numbers are available there.

Under your computer’s specifications it should state what type of RAM it can accept.

HP laptops that do support 16GB of RAM (if they came with 8GB already installed) would come with two memory slots on the board itself since every new PC nowadays comes with two sticks of RAM factory-installed before delivery.

So if one is empty all you need to do is purchase another 8GB stick and install it as an upgrade (assuming you have a spare slot).

You don’t need to worry about doing anything special like having to match up the speed requirement because chances are they’re using the same RAM speeds to begin with.

If your laptop does not have two memory slots available on the board then there’s nothing you can do because that means it only supports 8GB maximum and probably came with no RAM factory-installed before shipping.

But if you did buy it at a store brand new with 8GB of RAM installed in it already (one stick) then an upgrade is possible by replacing one stick to add another.

You just need to find out what size will fit in its slot! And this concept goes for any HP model – so long as it says “one slot open” under its memory specifications when checked online through the HP website then you should be good to go.

However if it doesn’t say “one slot open” but has only one stick of RAM in it (8GB) then you can’t upgrade your RAM because this means there’s no empty memory slot on the motherboard itself.

HP laptops that come with two sticks factory-installed by default (16GB) or more are difficult to find these days but if you do happen to see one chances are it will be a very expensive model.

But who knows?

Hope this helps anyone thinking about upgrading their HP laptop’s memory too.

It’s probably best to first check online through your HP laptop specifications first before deciding whether or not it’s upgradeable or what size can be installed.

If you already know your HP laptop can’t handle 16GB of RAM then don’t waste time and money trying to get one because it’ll never work anyways.

Just get a new laptop instead.


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