How to Charge Your Laptop in A Car? (4 Best Ways!)

There are many ways you can charge a laptop while you’re driving a car.

However it’s important to remember that not all of these methods are safe and effective.

In this article we’ll cover four best ways to charge your laptop while you’re driving your car.


Using a USB Charger

If you don’t have access to the cigarette lighter you can use a USB charger.

This is the easiest way to charge your laptop when you’re driving.

The key here is to unplug the USB cable before you start driving.

You’ll need a USB charger that will work with your car.

 You can buy it from any electronics store or you can order it online.

 The best part is that it’s 100% safe to use while driving.

If you don’t have access to a cigarette lighter you can use your car battery.

However this is pretty dangerous especially if you’re driving on a bumpy road. It won’t take too much time to charge your laptop especially if you use a USB charger.

You can leave your laptop charging in the car during the day even when you’re not using it.


Using a Universal USB Charger

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Another way is to buy a universal USB charger to use in your car.

 With the universal charger you can easily charge your laptop by plugging the USB cable into the power outlet and car cigarette lighter.

But for this you need to make sure your laptop supports charging via its USB ports.

Because some laptops do not take charging input through their USB Type-C ports.

While some on the other hand do support charging via those USB Type-C ports like MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.


Using a Power Bank

You can also take along with you a large power bank that charges your laptop.

For this you will however need to make sure that your laptop supports charging via a power bank.

Because some laptops do have USB Type-C inputs but they do not take charging input.

While some or most modern laptops do take in charging via those USB Type-C ports like MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.


Using a Car Laptop Charger

A laptop charger is another one of the ways you can use to charge your laptop in a car.

You can directly plug it into your laptop’s power jack and start charging just like a normal charger that comes with your laptop.

Connect the charger to your car’s outlet (cigarette lighter socket) and start charging by plugging the other end to your laptop’s power jack. 

Make sure your car’s engine is running when you do this process.

Otherwise it may damage your charger or your laptop if you start the engine afterward.

These laptop car chargers aren’t really expensive so you can easily find them on almost any electronics store near you or on Amazon if you’d like to order online.

Some car chargers come with multiple connectors so make sure you use the one that fits your laptop’s power jack otherwise you may damage the charger or your laptop’s power jack if you use force in case it doesn’t go in.

In Conclusion…

I believe that you need to buy an M1 MacBook Air in order to solve this charging problem.

Because these M1 MacBooks have an impressive battery life easily 10 hours with normal use you’ll probably never need to ever think again of charging your laptop in a car.

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