How to Clean M1 Pro MacBook Pro Screen? (5 Easy Steps!)

MacBooks are expensive and as such it is important to take care of them as much as possible.

If you have an M1 Pro MacBook Pro you might be wondering if the screen can be cleaned without ruining it.

Fortunately cleaning the screen will not cause damage or scratch it from regular use.

To clean your laptop’s screen properly follow these steps:

  1. First open up your M1 Pro MacBook Pro and remove the battery cover with a coin (comes off very easily)
  2. Next use an anti-static brush to wipe away loose dust particles on the motherboard (some parts may appear silver; this is normal.)
  3. Use the brush in circular motions to clean the motherboard’s metal casing
  4. You may now use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen until dirt oil and fingerprints are removed
  5. Lastly replace the battery cover back onto your laptop ensuring that it snaps into place to ensure no dust falls inside the laptop while you are cleaning it.

FAQs on Cleaning MacBook Pro Screen

How Can I Clean My MacBook Pro Screen If It’s Really Dirty?

You can use water or soft cloth dipped in warm water with a little bit of soap to clean your MacBook Pro screen.

Please note that products containing alcohol must not be used directly on the screen and it is recommended that you test an area before using such cleaning products.

Can I Use A Cleaning Product To Clean My MacBook Pro Screen?

No Apple advises against this as some chemicals may damage the laptop’s coating causing it to peel off over time.

What Should I Do If There Are Still Fingerprints Or Oil Residue On The Screen After I’ve Cleaned It?

If you find fingerprints or other substances such as oil left behind when you have finished cleaning your laptop’s screen wipe down your M1 Pro MacBook Pro screen with a microfiber cloth that has been dipped in water to remove the final traces of dirt.

Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Clean My MacBook Pro Screen?

Do not use a vacuum cleaner on your MacBook Pro – it can suck up dust or moisture which may damage your laptop’s internal components.

Do I Need To Remove The Battery Before Cleaning The Screen?

No you do not need to remove the battery when cleaning the screen.

Will Cleaning The Screen Damage It In Any Way?

Regularly cleaning your M1 Pro MacBook Pro’s screen will not damage it at all providing that you are careful while doing so and follow Apple’s guidelines on how best to clean the screen.

How Often Should I Clean My MacBook Pro Screen?

You can regularly wipe your M1 Pro MacBook Pro’s screen with a microfiber cloth that has been dipped in water to remove dirt and grime which should help to reduce any fingerprints and other substances on the screen.

You may also occasionally need to use a small amount of soap or dish-washing liquid if your laptop gets really dirty; however Apple advises against using cleaning products as they may damage the laptop’s coating over time.