How Do I Connect A Brother Printer To My Laptop?

  1. To connect an Brother printer to a laptop one must use the USB cord that comes with the printer and plug it into your computer.
  2. If the option “I have already connected this device” does not appear on your computer screen: press and hold down ‘windows’ key and press ‘E’ select the option “connect an external device” go over to “unplug or eject hardware” right-click on your brother printer then select “eject”.
  3. If you have just inserted a disk from Brother into your drive wait until the prompt “remove disk from drive” appears before performing these steps as it can cause data loss if you disconnect devices while files are being transferred.
  4. Now you can plug in your printer to the same USB port and turn it on if it isn’t already.

    A pop-up window should appear with two options: “connect a usb cable (or similar)” and “set up this connection for printing”.

    Choose the first option.
  5. You will be directed to another screen where you will see the name of the printer under “print to” next to “file name” make sure it is your brother printer then press “next” twice until your computer finishes installing your Brother printer software.

Your Brother printer is now connected successfully to your laptop!

FAQs on Connecting a Brother printer to laptops

What Should I Do If The Printer Driver Doesn’t Install Automatically?

If the printer driver doesn’t install automatically you can try installing it manually.

First open the Control Panel and then click on Hardware and Sound.

Next select Devices and Printers.

Right-click on your Brother printer and choose Add Printer.

This should start the installation process for the driver.

My Laptop Doesn’t Have A USB Port.

Can I Still Connect My Brother Printer?

Yes you can use a USB hub to connect your Brother printer to your laptop.

A USB hub is a device that allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer using a single port.

The Printer Is Connected To The Computer But I Cannot Print Anything.


First check to see if your printer is turned on.

Try printing a document again after waiting for a few minutes in case there was some sort of temporary issue that caused an error.

If nothing prints even though the printer is on you may have set up the wrong default printer or installed the printer driver incorrectly so try uninstalling it and installing it back.

If none of these solve your issue you may need to contact customer support for further assistance or perform a factory reset on your Brother machine.

Will My Laptop Recognize My Older Brother Printer Model?

Most newer laptops do not come with an old-fashioned serial port anymore due to space constraints.

If you want to connect an older printer with a serial port you will need to purchase a USB to serial converter.

Will My Laptop Recognize My Third-Party Brother Printer Model?

Yes as long as your third-party brother printer is compatible with the drivers on your laptop and it has a USB interface.

I’m Trying To Install My Brother Printer Driver And I Keep Getting An Error Message That Says “Installation Cannot Proceed With Current Settings” What Does This Mean?

This implies that there is some sort of conflict between Windows’ default print spooler and the one installed by Brother which prevents both from working properly at the same time.

Try uninstalling all printers in Control Panel then reboot your laptop and try installing the printer driver again.

Can I Use The Same Printer With Multiple Devices?

Yes you can share one printer through several different laptops or computers by connecting it to a wireless router.

My Laptop Doesn’t Have Enough USB Ports For All Of My Devices.

What Should I Do?

You can get a USB hub that allows you to add more USB ports without taking up space from your computer’s original a limited number of ports.