How To Connect Xbox To Laptop With HDMI? (EASY!)

Connect an HDMI cable from your laptop to your Xbox and another end of the HDMI cable between the other end of that one and another device.

Turn on your Xbox and wait a few minutes while it configures itself with your laptop.

With an HDMI connection you may use this laptop as a monitor for box one.

Connecting an Xbox to a laptop with HDMI

First you want to hook up the Xbox and laptop.

You can do this in two ways:


Using only one HDMI cable and the VGA adapter that comes with your Xbox or


Using three cables: one for video (HDMI) two for sound (one 3.5mm audio cable and one 2RCA audio cable).

If you choose option 1 skip to #3 below.

Option 2 is slightly more complicated but has better quality video and sound when compared to option 1.

Step 1: Get your supplies together

You will need:

  • One HDMI plug (male end)
  • One 3.5mm audio plug (male end)
  • One 2RCA audio plug (male end) to connect to your laptop’s headphone jack.
  • One VGA splitter if you have a desktop computer with an HDMI out port so that you can use your Xbox in both your living room and bedroom simultaneously.

Step 2: Connect the audio/video plugs

There are three places where these plugs fit into each other but only two sets of holes on their respective devices; match up the correct hole for each plug.

Whenever there is only one set of holes it will always fit into that set.

When dealing with these plugs never force anything! If it doesn’t go together easily then take them apart and try again.

Once all the plugs are plugged in plug the 3.5mm audio plug into your laptop’s headphone jack or built-in speakers.

Step 3: Use your Xbox! Your Xbox should now be displayed on your laptop’s screen

If it is not go to ‘Display’ settings on your Xbox and change it from TV to Laptop/Desktop Monitor.

Hopefully you will have both sound AND video working properly through the above steps.

FAQs on How to Connect Xbox To Laptop With HDMI

Why is my laptop not detecting my Xbox?

There are a few reasons why this might be the case.

The first thing you should check is that both devices are turned on and that the HDMI cable is properly plugged into both of them.

You should also make sure that your Xbox is set to display on a laptop screen rather than a television screen – this can be done in the ‘Display’ settings on your Xbox.

If all of these things are checked and your laptop still isn’t detecting your Xbox it might be that your HDMI cable is faulty.

You can try another cable or contact the supplier.

Why is my Xbox not detecting a connected laptop?

This happens when your Xbox is set to TV in its settings and it should be changed to Laptop/Desktop Monitor instead.

You can find out how to do this in the ‘Display’ settings on your Xbox.

What cables will I need for connecting my laptop to my television?

If you have an HDMI-enabled computer you may only need an HDMI cable.

If your computer doesn’t have HDMI output then you will need a VGA adapter which can be found at most electronic stores for about $20-$30 USD.

Additionally if you want to hook up advanced audio you will need an optical cable which is usually included with the Xbox.

Can you use a wireless connection to connect your laptop to your TV?

No this isn’t possible.

You must have a physical cable connection between your Xbox and a laptop or another device via HDMI VGA or RCA cables for sound in order to view the content on your television.

If you’re not able to immediately set up a wired connection there may be other options available such as using streaming devices so that you can watch videos directly from your computer onto the TV screen wirelessly instead of connecting through an Xbox 360.

Why isn’t my Xbox displaying on my laptop screen?

You may need to change your Xbox settings from TV to Laptop/Desktop Monitor.

Why is the sound not working when I connect my Xbox to my laptop using HDMI?

Make sure that you have plugged the 3.5mm audio plug into your laptop’s headphone jack or built-in speakers.

Why is the Xbox not showing up as a display on my laptop?

You might have to change your Xbox settings from TV to Laptop/Desktop Monitor.