Can We Use External RAM for Laptop?

Can we use external RAM for laptop?

Today, we’ll cover this and a few more questions relating to Laptops and External RAM.

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Can We Use External RAM with a Laptop?

There is no external way to add RAM because the power supply and interface for RAM reside on the motherboard. You can add extra memory by letting your USB flash drive act as ReadyBoost. This can help when your internal memory isn’t enough.

Swap Memory in Apple’s MacBook laptops is very similar to this.

RAM is there to feed data to the processor as quickly as possible. To have the best advantage, the RAM needs to be physically next to the processor. You need a cable or a connector to add RAM externally, and it’s no faster than your SSD.

RAM is different from other devices in that it’s picky about interfaces and power supply.

A USB port, for example, has varying power supply across different ports, so you can share power supply among many connected devices. Because RAM is volatile, an impaired supply will adversely affect the operation and ultimately your processor’s need for crucial data.

Additionally, USB interfaces have very low data rates as compared to RAM’s. USB3 gets 640MB/s, and DDR3 RAM with a 100MHz clock offers 6400MB/s. This is going to slow things down.

Does ReadyBoost increase RAM?

If you’ve got more RAM than you need, ReadyBoost won’t do much. The performance improves more when you add more RAM than when you use ReadyBoost. if your computer runs out of RAM, you’re better off adding more RAM.

Is ReadyBoost harmful?

Yes, it is harmful, but not for your computer or laptop, but for the USB flash drive that you’ll use as RAM.

USB drives are slow, much slower than an actual RAM module. 

SSD performance is the same with or without ReadyBoost and only RAMDISK ReadyBoost is worth it.

Does ReadyBoost increase FPS?

No, ReadyBoot doesn’t increase FPS.

3DMark Vantage results showed no increase in FPS with ReadyBoost enabled.

It’s better to purchase internal RAM sticks if your laptop has an empty RAM slot, instead of messing around and trying to find other ways of increasing RAM without spending money.