Should You Take a Gaming Laptop to Business Meetings? (No!!!)

Here’s what a “gamer” had to say about this when asked:

“No. I’m a gamer. I’m only 25, and I still look at people like children when they show up with a gaming laptop to a business meeting.”

Also, you’ll probably make a fool out of yourself taking a gaming laptop to a business meeting, or your office.

A Better Laptop for Office Use

It’s true these are little beasts that outperform most casual use laptops, and some people need this performance in an office environment.

However, you can buy a MacBook Air M1 and still get the same processing performance.

The only downside to buying a MacBook Air M1 would probably be that it can’t play games. But, when you talk about the raw performance and processing power of its CPU, it’s a great, portable laptop that lasts forever.

It doesn’t even have a fan, which means there would be no annoying noise that attracts and annoys your office co-workers.

It has great battery life that will easily last you more than 10 hours with light to medium use. However, if you use it for heavy tasks like video editing or photo editing, you’ll notice a serious drop in this 10-hour battery timing.

MacBook Air has been a classy laptop that everyone recognizes at this point, so if you take this with you to your office, hardly anyone’s going to say anything strange to you.

However, if you get the rose-gold color, then you may hear some strange comments, but even then, I don’t think there will be anyone pointing out this unique color anytime soon.


Do not take a gaming laptop to a business meeting. Get a MacBook Air M1, instead. It performs just as good as a gaming laptop’s processor would, and doesn’t heat up like a gaming laptop, and doesn’t make noise like a gaming laptop.

Also, gaming laptops don’t last very long when unplugged, so you’ll constantly have to keep them plugged in to be able to do anything.

However, the new M1-powered MacBook Air easily will last you 10 hours or more, depending on the type of work you use it for.

MacBook Air M1 has all the goods points of a gaming laptop, minus all the headache that comes with one.

Check out my MacBook Air M1 review after using it for a few months.