Is A Gaming PC Better Than A PS5?

It certainly is! But you have to understand why there’s no competition.

There are two main factors in play here and they both come down to personal preferences.

The first factor relates purely to game selection.

If you prefer FPS games shooters or adventure games then the PC wins hands down.

As well as that Sony has spent the last decade trying to sell proprietary software on their console (the useless “Playstation Network” service) even though it’s ridiculously inefficient because gamers don’t want it.

Instead of working with developers or pushing for open standards they’ve tried everything they can to force people into using it – annoying gamers everywhere in the process – but nobody uses it so there’s no incentive for game makers to work with it.

The PC wins on game selection because it’s completely modular – if you don’t like something just use something else that does exactly what you need instead of forcing people into using one service or product that nobody wants.

This means console gamers are stuck with a small selection of games to choose from while PC gamers have access to everything they could possibly want.

When it comes down to it the PS5 is only powerful enough when compared against other consoles in its class – but when compared directly with a gaming PC then there’s really no contest at all because the hardware required for a good gaming experience is well above and beyond anything Sony can hope to produce in their entire lifetime… let alone the lifespan of the PS5!

The second main point where PC gaming has the edge is in price.

Gaming PCs are cheaper because you can choose exactly which parts you want to use and avoid wasting money on features nobody needs.

For example you could build an entry-level gaming PC for just $400 – but you’d have to buy a PS5 first before even asking how much it costs.

Even if you did decide to take the time to work out what each part does then choose specific parts based on your preferred budget… there’s no avoiding the fact that a mid-range gaming PC still costs around twice as much as Sony is asking for their console alone.

As for raw performance I’ve seen people claim that consoles are better suited for gaming because they’re “easier to use”.

Well no.

Coming from a PC background where you have a lot of control over the system and what it does using a console is always going to be a huge step down simply because there’s no good way for people with any kind of technical knowledge to customize them or make them work more efficiently.

They’re completely closed platforms that can only interact with other devices through the TV screen so all control has to pass through the built-in software which makes everything as easy as possible.

But not easier than some idiot sitting in front of their computer shouting at their monitor for 30 minutes without actually doing anything productive!

In terms of long-term value consoles are actually worse than useless.

Brand new PS5 retails for around $500 – but in just a couple of years it will be completely outdated and won’t run many modern games at all either because they’ll no longer support the ancient hardware Sony chose to use or because developers simply won’t bother making their games compatible with last-generation technology.

This means you’ll have a paperweight sitting in your living room that’s completely useless for anything other than gaining dust in a closet.

On the other hand a mid-range gaming PC is easily powerful enough to last for ten years without ever becoming obsolete!

Beyond that…?

To answer this question properly I think we need to look at why people play video games in the first place.

For me it’s mostly about fun so I prefer playing on a PC because I can get more of that for less money and waste less of my time fiddling around with settings.

However not everyone is like me – some people just want to relax and play something easy and uncomplicated and in that case a console is definitely the better option!

Do You Think Gamers Who Only Care About Graphics Should Buy A PS5? Why Or Why Not?

No I don’t think that gamers who only care about graphics should buy a PS5 because a gaming PC is better in every other way.

A high-end gaming PC costs around the same as Sony’s console but will offer so much more value by being able to do so many different things as well as play video games at fast speeds and offer easily accessible customizability.

In addition because consoles are not upgradeable their performance will eventually begin to stagnate whereas a mid-range gaming PC can still run most modern games even after 5 years of use without any problems.

Gaming PCs also have superior controls which make them much easier to use than a console.

Finally since consoles are usually closed platforms that aren’t compatible with other devices it is almost inevitable that your gaming experience will be significantly worse in the long run unless you’re willing to constantly upgrade.

Another factor is that most PC games are free Fortnite for example while PS5 games are almost always really expensive and sometimes more than twice the price of their PC counterparts.

Even if you’re willing to pay that much for a game on PS5 you’ll usually get it cheaper by just buying it for PC anyway.

It is true that some games such as Minecraft and Fifa will be easier to use on consoles since they’re designed around controller input rather than mouse/keyboard controls but this doesn’t affect performance so it’s not really relevant.