Best Glossy Gaming Monitors (Top Picks)

Looking for the best glossy gaming monitors that don’t have a matte coating to ruin your gaming experience?

Look no further!

Here’s a list of the awesome glossy gaming monitors I found on the market!

Best Glossy Gaming Monitors in 2022

FAQs about Glossy Gaming Monitors

Is Glossy or Matte Better for Gaming?

It entirely depends on you if glossy or matte is better for gaming for your specific use-case. For me personally I’d pick the glossy screen and use it in a dark room or something! 😅 Because the colors are so much more pleasing to look at and the text is sharper as well.

Check out Dave Lee’s video showcasing how glossy gaming monitors are the best!

Are Glossy Monitors Bad?

No glossy monitors aren’t bad but you have to avoid the reflections with glossy monitors. Which can be a hassle for some people but not so much for others. I personally don’t have any issues with reflections since I use my glossy gaming monitors in dark environments.

How Do I Know if My Monitor Is Glossy or Matte?

Simply take a bulb or any kind of light source and point it towards your monitor. If you see that the light has spread out then it’s a matte display. If not then you have a glossy monitor.

Source: HowToGeek

What Type of Monitor Is Best for Gaming?

For me I’d use a glossy gaming monitor and it is best for me. For you it could be that you don’t like reflections in your monitor which would mean that you will likely hate a glossy gaming monitor.

So it entirely depends on you. But in terms of benefits which monitor has more features or benefits I’d say it’s glossy.

  • Sharper images and text
  • More vibrant colors unlike dull colors of matte coating monitors
  • More enjoyable gaming experience