What Laptop Is Good For Gaming But Cheap?

Any gaming laptop that has a bit older hardware configuration such as these $500 gaming laptops will be able to play games at an affordable or cheap price.

Any gaming laptop with an i5 5th Generation intel processor with a relatively older graphics card would be the best cheap gaming laptop.

However it’d be best if you find the newer Ryzen-based APU laptops.

They have decent built-in integrated graphics cards that are capable of playing most modern games and still cost reasonably low as they don’t include a dedicated graphics card.

How Long Will A Cheap Gaming Laptop Last Me?

A cheap laptop for gaming will last you around 5 years if you follow the usual precautions of not letting it overheat or clean it regularly.

However if you want to play games and want your laptop to last 5 years it’d be best if you invest in a good gaming laptop.

It should cost you a little over $1000 these days but will allow you to play most modern games for years.

What Size Laptop Is Good For Gaming (Ultra Settings)?

The best laptops for graphic design are between 14-15 inch display size with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080p Full HD+ resolution.

It’d be best if your model comes with an IPS LCD panel to ensure color accuracy of up to 96%.

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