3 (Actionable) Tips to Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy

I had to replace my (Acer Predator Helios 300) laptop’s battery recently after having been used it for a little over 3 years; I imagined it would last at least 4-5 years but it didn’t.

Anyway here are some tips I learned and thought I’d share with you as well so you can take good care of your laptop’s battery and never have to replace it as soon as I had to with my laptop.


Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

Yep you read that right.

A laptop cooling pad will blow cool air onto your laptop’s bottom where the battery usually sits which should help the battery compartment cool off a bit helping your battery breathe.

I read on the Internet to turn over your laptop and blow (with your mouth!) 10-15 minutes a day to keep it cool.


I thought why not use a cooling pad instead? That sounds like a real solution doesn’t it?

I too keep a laptop cooling pad under my laptop even if it’s not on it still helps your laptop’s airflow which would also help the battery to cool off.

But if you can turn on your cooling pad that’d be best.

Here’s a good basic cooling pad btw that looks good for this purpose.


A Good Battery Charging Habit to Get Into

You may have heard this one before not to charge your laptop battery to 100% or let it drop below 30% or so.

If you can do that and follow this rule.

Watch this video to understand how batteries work and why charging them like this is a good practice that increases a battery’s lifespan be it a laptop battery or any other.

Charging 100% and discharging 0% makes one charge cycle which you can cut in half by charging it to above 50% and not letting it drop below 30% when the battery is discharging.

Also once in a while (maybe once a month) let your laptop battery discharge to 0% which also is one of the good charging practices and should help prolong the lifespan of your laptop battery.

And don’t leave your laptop plugged in all the time either as this also will (obviously) charge your laptop to 100% all the time which is kind of bad practice as you can tell.


Enable Battery Optimization or Battery-Conscious Modes on Your Laptop

In almost all laptops you’ll see an option to turn on “battery optimization mode” or a similar mode that optimizes your laptop battery charging and helps with prolonging your laptop’s battery life.

For example in macOS you can go to Battery and tick on Optimized battery charging.

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