How Do I Force Start My Hp Laptop?

You can try forcing Windows to shut down by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds which should make it turn off quickly.

However if your computer locks up or freezes while booting up then you can’t go that route.

Instead find a way to force restart your PC; either plug in an external USB device (such as a flash drive) with enough storage capacity to function like a restart or use another keyboard plugged into the same machine to press F8 many times consecutively at boot-up.

This will get you into safe mode where you’ll have access to System Restore and other troubleshooting features.

If this doesn’t work you can try System Restore or try telling us more about the problem in the comments below.

Is Force Starting A Laptop Bad?

No forcing your computer to begin startup procedures is not bad for its health.

But if you are doing so consistently then there could well be something wrong with the hardware or software that’s causing Windows to freeze up automatically without warning.


And if so you’ll want to get in touch with your manufacturer’s tech support department as soon as possible.


You should also take into account that power surges and other electrical problems can leave their mark on sensitive electronic equipment.

So if you are experiencing problems with your laptop consider checking out the power options in Windows so that your laptop isn’t sitting idly by when not being used.

How To Permanently Fix The Need To Force Restart?

If you are experiencing the need for forced restarts too often it may be time to restore your computer back to factory settings.

This will remove all software problems and viruses as well as any other issues that might be causing this problem.

You can do this by going into your “Start” menu clicking on “All Programs” then find the folder labeled “HP” or whatever company manufactured your laptop.

From there click on the system restore option and follow the instructions for restoring your system back to its original conditions.

How Do I Restart My Hp Without Having To Force Start It?

Press F8 on your keyboard more than once during the initial startup process.

This will take you into Windows’ boot menu where you can choose to begin startup with the last known good configuration or safe mode.

You can also try System Restore from this menu although it’s less of a “restart” and more of a full-on system wipe.