How Do I Make My Laptop Stand Up Vertically?

To make your laptop stand up vertically first purchase a vertical laptop stand on Amazon.

If you don’t want to buy a laptop stand you can make one with a piece of cardboard and a ruler.

Here’s how:

  1. Cut a strip of cardboard that is 2 inches wide by 11 inches long
  2. Roll the piece of card board into a tube and tape it together on one end.

    You should have a 4 inch tall tube with an opening at both ends.
  3. Place your laptop onto the open edge of the tube so that one side hangs over slightly
  4. Using your ruler measure down from where you placed your laptop approximately 8-10 inches and place another strip of cardboard vertically next to your laptop stand so it rests against the front edge of your computer (where you type).
  5. Tape this second strip to the bottom of the first strip to create a simple stand for your laptop!

Your laptop is now standing vertically!

FAQs On Standing Up A Laptop Vertically

Can I Use This Method To Stand Up My Laptop If It Doesn’t Have A Built-In Stand?

Yes you can.

This method will work with any laptop as long as it has an edge that you can rest the stand against.

Will This Method Work With All Laptops?

This method should work with most laptops but it is always best to check the measurements before trying to make your own stand.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Is Too Big Or Too Small For This Method?

If your laptop is too big or too small the stand may not be stable and could fall over.

In this case you may need to make your own laptop stand with even more pieces of cardboard.

Why Does My Laptop Sway When I Type On It?

This swaying is caused by the weight balance of your laptop where heavy components like the hard drive are located near the bottom.

It can be solved by resting something with some weight at the bottom to reduce this wobbling effect.

You could use a bag filled with rice or beans!

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