How Long Do Asus Laptop Batteries Last?

It depends on a lot of things but mostly it is how you use the Asus laptop.

If you keep your battery plugged in all the time then it will never get a chance to run down and if you always drain it completely before plugging it back in again the battery will die much more quickly.

If however you regularly let your Asus laptop run out of charge between uses or during long breaks (such as overnight) then you’ll be able to get more life from each charge cycle for a longer period of time.

This is because every time you recharge a lithium-ion battery it has some degradation.

The fewer full cycles on the battery the better condition that battery will be in at any one point in time.

What is a charge cycle?

For most modern Asus laptops the battery determines when the charge cycle begins and ends.

The computer itself does not directly measure how much energy has been used or how much remains in the battery.

Instead it simply applies a certain “fullness” to each charge cycle until eventually you can’t get any more power into the battery no matter what you do.

At that point the rechargeable lithium-ion cells inside have passed their ability to hold a full charge so they are said to be dead even if there’s plenty of life left in them.

Every time you take your Asus laptop off of its AC power supply and run on just its battery then plug it back into an AC outlet when you’re done you’ve successfully completed one charge cycle.

On the other hand if you just let your computer run and do not plug it in at all then it’s unlikely that you’ve ever completed a full charge cycle because eventually the battery just won’t take any more power until the next time you do plug it in.

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How long can I expect my Asus laptop battery to last?

The average life of an Asus laptop battery is only about 18 months (or 300-500 complete charge cycles).

If you use your Asus laptop heavily during this time (for example by playing video games on high-performance settings) then the expected life drops down to about 12 months (200-300 recharge cycles).

Allable batteries follow this pattern: the more you do with it the less time they last.

However if you follow some simple guidelines for battery care and usage then Asus laptops should last much longer than normal.

How to extend your Asus laptop battery life?

The best way to extend your battery’s lifespan is to perform partial discharges and charges.

This is sometimes known as ‘topping up’ or calibrating your battery.

You must first let the computer run off of AC power until it goes to sleep by itself (so that the screen saver kicks in).

When this occurs plug in the AC adapter and use an iota of charge left in the battery to start charging again.

Then unplug the charger but keep working on AC power for about another hour or so.

Do this 4 to 5 times and your battery should be recharged correctly.

How often do I need to calibrate my Asus laptop’s battery?

This question is difficult to answer since it depends on how you use the computer.

If you leave the Asus laptop plugged in all the time then you may never have a problem with a full charge cycle so there would be no need to top up your battery.

If however you regularly let your Asus laptop run out of power before plugging it back in again then you should calibrate it every 3 months or so–just repeat the partial discharges and charges method described above.

This keeps your battery topped up properly and conditions it for optimal performance over its entire lifespan.

If lithium-ion batteries are so good why does everybody use standard lead-acid car batteries in their cars?

Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density than do traditional lead-acid batteries which means that you can get more life out of them in an Asus laptop computer.

Simply put if you had a choice between a 60 watt-hour lithium-ion battery and a 40 amp/hr lead acid battery then you’d be using twice as much juice in the same space with the lithium-ion battery.

Of course there are other factors to consider such as weight and safety–lithium-ion is definitely not for everyone.

But for most people who want to take advantage of its benefits without worrying about maintenance or durability issues then it’s a great choice.

How do I calibrate my Asus laptop battery?

The first step is to let the battery run all the way down until your computer automatically goes into hibernate/sleep mode.

Then plug it back in and leave it charging for about 4-5 hours without using it or turning it off.

You can then unplug the AC adapter but continue working on mains power for another 2-3 hours then finally use your Asus laptop until you drain the battery completely once again.

Repeat this process 3-4 times and you’re good to go.

Asus laptop batteries are often considered as consumables something that you have to replace frequently because of their relatively short lifespan–often only lasting about 18 months (or 300-500 recharge cycles).

However following the simple steps outlined in this article will dramatically increase your battery’s lifespan and allow you to get maximum performance from it throughout its life.

This is especially important for people who use their laptops frequently; nobody wants to be stuck on a train journey with no way of accessing their laptop because the battery has died.

So there you have it

How long do laptop batteries last? It all depends on how you treat them!

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