How Much Laptop Storage Do I Need For College?

You’ll need at least 256GB of storage but you should get a laptop with 1TB or more if you can afford it.

 College students tend to generate a lot of data whether it’s through photos and videos they take research papers they write or music and movies they download.

A laptop with only 256GB of storage won’t be able to hold very much data which can quickly create storage capacity issues.

So unless you’re willing to regularly delete files and manage your storage space carefully it’s a good idea to get a laptop with 1TB or more of storage.

Is 256GB storage enough for college?

For most college students 256GB of storage should be more than enough for college.

That’s enough room to store lots of music videos photos and important documents.

You may also want to consider a storage device that can hold even more files such as a cloud-based storage service or an external hard drive.