How To Connect AirPods To ASUS Laptop? (Easy Steps!)

If you own an ASUS laptop and want to know how to connect AirPods to it you’re in luck!

This guide will show you how to do just that using easy steps that anyone can follow.

Connecting AirPods To an ASUS Laptop

Step 1: Make sure your AirPods are charged.

If your AirPods are not charging make sure they are fully charged by following these easy steps:

  1. Plug the AirPods into the charging case.
  2. Place the case on a flat surface with the AirPods facing down.
  3. Press and hold the AirPods button for three seconds.
  4. The AirPods will start to vibrate and a light will start to flash on the case.
  5. The case will start to charge the AirPods and the light will turn off when it is done.

Step 2: Connect the AirPods charging case to your ASUS laptop using the included Lightning cable.

Step 3: Wait for the AirPods case to charge then disconnect it from your laptop.

Step 4: Open the lid of the AirPods case.

Step 5: Hold down the button on the back of the AirPods case until the LED flashes white.

Step 6: On your Asus laptop go to Settings > Bluetooth and select AirPods from the list of devices.

Step 7: Click Connect.

That’s it now you have AirPods connected to your ASUS laptop.

FAQs on Connecting AirPods to ASUS Laptop

Why can’t I connect my AirPods to my ASUS laptop?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to connect your AirPods to your laptop.

Make sure that your AirPods are charged connected to the charging case and that the case is connected to your laptop using the included Lightning cable.

If all of those things are in order and you’re still having trouble connecting your AirPods try restarting your laptop.

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