How To Connect MacBook Pro M1 To An External Monitor?

In order to connect your MacBook Pro M1 to an external monitor you will need a Thunderbolt cable.

The Thunderbolt port on your computer will have a corresponding port on the external monitor.

So if you have a Mini DisplayPort monitor you will need a Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt cable or vice versa.

You can purchase cables from an electronics store such as Best Buy or from Apple’s website.

However if you have the newer M1 Max or M1 Pro MacBook Pros they already have an HDMI port which you can connect to an external monitor with an HDMI cable.

This is really useful if your external monitor has a built-in speaker system or if your office already has other screens set up for conference calls.

Can I Connect 2 Monitors To My MacBook Pro M1?

You cannot connect two external monitors to your MacBook Pro M1 only one.

This is not possible through USB or Thunderbolt.

However you can use Airplay mirroring which will put the same image on both screens if your monitors are close enough together.

But here’s a workaround if you still want to connect two monitors to your MacBook Pro M1.