How To Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop? (7 Ways)

Want to know how to screenshot on Lenovo laptop?

Let’s take a look at seven different (mostly free) ways you can take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop.

Use Print Screen to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

  • Go to the section or webpage you want to take a screenshot of.
  • To capture the screenshot tap the PrtScn key on your keyboard.
  • To edit your screenshot you can either use Photoshop or Gimp as a free alternative.

    (You can even use the free paint application that comes with Windows to make some minor edits.)
  • Now you can press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot anywhere on the internet or in your photo editing application.
  • There you go! Save the screenshot and share it with the world!

Use Windows + Print Screen to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

Windows 10 will automatically take a screenshot for you when you press the Windows key + PrtScn on your keyboard.

This will capture a photo of your entire screen.

To take a look at the saved image go to Pictures > Screenshots.

Use Alt + Print Screen to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

You can copy to the clipboard only the window that is active when you press Alt + PrtScn.

To save it you must use another program like MS Paint.

Open MS Paint and CTRL + V to paste and then save the file in your favorite file format.

Use Snip & Sketch tool to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

The best app for creating screenshots on Windows is Snap & Sketch.

It makes it easy to annotate customize and share screenshots. 

Press the Windows Key + Shift + S key combination to activate Snap & Sketch.

After a dim screen you’ll see a small menu at the top that lets you select a rectangle photo a photo with a frame a photo in a window or a photo that fills the entire screen. 

Different methods are available with Snip & Skitch for taking screenshots:

You can preview the image shortly after taking the screenshot by clicking on the preview notification located in the lower-right corner of the screen.

You can edit the screenshot with the drawing tool before saving or sending it by opening the Snip & Sketch application when you click the preview button.

Use Snagit to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

In addition to taking screenshots and participating in animated GIFs this free tool lets you do more.

This trial period also allows you to take pictures but with watermarks.

Use Lightshot to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

Easily post screenshots to social media using Lightshot a free app.

Your computer screen can be captured and edited using Lightshot.

Use Greenshot to Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

Greenshot lets you edit and customize screenshots and whilst a page is scrolling you can capture a screenshot.