How to Use Laptop As Monitor for Xbox? (Solved)

Want to use your laptop as a monitor for xbox?

Let’s learn how to use laptop as monitor for xbox so you can do whatever you want with it.


Use HDMI to Use Laptop As Monitor for Xbox

An HDMI input is required on the laptop if you plan on connecting your Xbox One to the screen.

In many laptops HDMI is usually an output not an input.

Having HDMI output on your laptop means that your image can be viewed on an external screen but not from the laptop to the external screen.

HDMI input is required to achieve this.

HDMI-equipped notebooks are certainly available but these are usually very expensive and are rarely used.

If an HDMI output is available on your laptop you should check this.

Please follow the steps below if you are in possession of one:

  1. Using the HDMI input connect your Xbox One to your laptop.
  2. Changing your laptop’s displays to mode if it doesn’t do so automatically may require going into its display settings.
  3. From the main Xbox 360 menu open the “System Settings” menu.

    You can customize your screen and resolution settings.

Use the Xbox App to Use Laptop As Monitor for XboX

You can also accomplish this task using the Xbox app if you do not have an HDMI input.

Streaming interconnected games to your desktop or laptop PC is part of the latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft!  Play Xbox One games on your PC or laptop with the app.

A normal LAN or WLAN connection is used for the connection.

In the past laptops couldn’t be connected to Xboxes unless they had HDMI output.

The video and sound of the Xbox were unable to be displayed on a typical laptop due to the lack of HDMI input.

The Xbox app has now resolved this issue.