HP Pavilion x360 Compatible Pen – Top 8 Picks

Looking for an HP Pavilion x360 compatible pen?

Someone came across my article where I explained the difference between HP Pen vs HP Tilt Pen and asked me to suggest them a compatible pen with their HP Pavilion x360.

I answered their question right there in the email.

But then I thought why not make a post about it as well? Because if that one person had to ask that question so many others must have the same question as well don’t you think?

And now you’re reading that post.


After tons of research I’ve put together for you a list of stylus pens that are compatible with HP Pavilion x360 and allow you to draw or do whatever else you wanna do with it.

Let’s take a look.

3 HP Pavilion x360 Compatible Pens

Here are the 3 best and HP Pavilion x360 compatible pens that I found on Amazon.

I noticed that these aren’t very expensive either.

These are “budget” or cheap stylus pens that are affordable and should work well with your HP Pavilion x360.


Digiroot Universal Stylus

When he asked me that question this is the pen I suggested to him.

It’s Amazon’s Choice for “hp stylus drawing pen”.


Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360

I ordered this stylus in spite of the reviews saying it might not work for my HP Pavilion x360 14″ (2019).

Let me be the first to inform you that it DOES indeed work and that it works WELL.

Compatible with: 11m-ad0 14M-ba0 14-cd0 15-br0; HP Envy x360 15-bp0 15-bq0 x360 15-cn0 X2 12-e0xxX2 12g0xx ; HP Spectre x360 13-ac0xx 15-blxxx

Excellent stylus & very responsive (no set up needed just insert batteries).

Compatible with HP 2020 HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop 14″ FHD Touchscreen.

A Real User’s Review


SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Pen

This one is a bit strange.

The description says that it doesn’t work with the HP Pavilion x360 while the actual users who’ve bought the pen say otherwise.

So be careful with this one.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Active and Passive Stylus Pens?

A passive stylus (also known as a capacitive stylus) works in the same way as an active stylus.

Passive/capacitive styli are not sensitive to touch and don’t contain any electronic components.

The stylus does not communicate with the device.

Does HP Pavilion x360 Have Pen?

One of the most notable changes here is that the x360 convertible comes with a pen as well as a stylus.

A Windows Hello-compatible IR camera is also offered by HP.

We no longer produce the 13.3-inch x360 – the one with 11.6-inches 14-inches and 15.6-inches has been discontinued.

Can You Use Stylus on HP Laptops?

HP Pavilion HP ENVY and HP Spectre are just a few examples of devices that can use your HP pen.

Is HP Pavilion x360 Worth Buying?

u003ca href=u0022https://laptopar.com/hp-pavilion-x360-vs-hp-envy-x360/u0022u003eI compared HP Pavilion x360 to HP’s Envy x360u003c/au003e in one of my previous posts so you may want to check that out to get a detailed answer to this question.


If you didn’t find a good Pen for your HP Pavilion x360 check out more here.

These are best-selling ones right now and you may find a good fit here for your HP Pavilion laptop.

(PS: You may even find one on a sale!)