Is 4GB RAM Enough for a Laptop in 2022?

Absolutely not! 4GB RAM isn’t enough for any laptop in 2022.

You probably won’t even find a smartphone in 2022 that has 4GB of RAM let alone a laptop.

4GB may have been enough in 2011 when Apple was still using 4 GB of RAM on their MacBook Air- however the average consumer laptops are now getting more power-hungry.

And RAM is one of the basic configurations of a laptop that need to be on par with the current time.

Laptops with 4GB RAM are simply not going to cut it in 2022.

And even if they could the price tag will be too high for what’s essentially a budget device.

The price of laptops only continues to go up every year and while you might get away with one from 2011 it won’t be long before your performance starts lagging behind other computers on the market.

Is 4GB RAM good for school?

Yes if you have a 4GB RAM laptop at home you are thinking to take to your college or school yes it’ll handle basic tasks such as using Microsoft applications or making a document.

However if you try to do some heavy multitasking or even some basic multitasking on your 4GB RAM laptop you will notice a significant drop in performance as the RAM won’t be able to support all the background processes you’ll be running.

If your laptop is already slow you might even notice that switching between tabs in your web browser will take long.

This stems from the fact that other computers are using 8GB or more of RAM while yours can only afford to use 4GB of RAM due to its low price.

So what should I do?

You should definitely save up and purchase a laptop with some more RAM.

Your computer will run a lot smoother and you won’t have to worry about background processes slowing your system down.

On top of that you’ll be able to open several applications at once without any problems – making multitasking much easier on your machine.

However if you’re short on cash but need more RAM there are 2 options for you:

Upgrade the RAM by yourself

it’s very simple thanks to guides online but can void the warranty.

If you follow the right steps though it shouldn’t void the warranty and shouldn’t damage the hardware either.

But always make sure before starting your upgrade; we don’t want any broken laptops or desktops.

Buy a second-hand laptop with more RAM

You can check local listings for laptops up to 3 or even 4 years old.

However be sure to talk to the seller and find out what happened to the machine before purchase as you don’t want an old laptop that might have been dropped multiple times which will likely damage your HDD.

Otherwise this is worth looking into if you’re on a budget.

Also consider checking for refurbished laptops at retailers such as Amazon or Dell that are known for offering certified refurbished hardware that works just like new.

Also try BestBuy Walmart eBay etc.

It’s usually good practice to stick with well-known brands when buying second-hand tech so look for MacBooks from Apple or Sony.

Is 4GB RAM good enough for gaming?

4 GB is not enough for even the most basic of games – and it’s safe to assume that any game released in 2022 will be at least a little demanding.

And since we’re expecting VR to make a popular debut you’ll definitely need more than 4GB of RAM if you want to download some VR experiences onto your computer.

Just like with school work 8 GB of RAM should at least be considered by any gamer who wants to play modern games or VR experiences.

Again though this isn’t something you can fix later on after purchase; once RAM has been filled up there’s no going back without deleting files and freeing up space again: which might end up taking as much time as just buying a new laptop with more RAM.