Is 8GB RAM Enough For M1 MacBook Pro?

Absolutely not.

If you’re opting for an M1 MacBook Pro you can probably afford to upgrade your RAM to at least 16GB if not 32GB.

I had purchased the 8GB RAM variant of the M1 MacBook Air and boy did I regret my decision!

Within a year of buying and using the M1 MacBook Air I had to upgrade to the 32GB version of the M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16″.

Even still I think I should’ve gone with the 64GB RAM instead of 32GB 😅

M1 Pro MacBook Pro 32GB RAM

In short don’t go with the 8GB RAM of the M1 MacBook Pro as it’s too little and will cause you many problems when you go close to maxing it out which you will very often.

Even though I have the 32GB RAM variant of the M1 Pro MacBook Pro right now it’s still more than 45% used with 23 Chrome tabs at the moment.

M1 Pro MacBook Pro 32GB RAM Usage

What’s The Benefit Of Increasing My RAM?

This is a question I asked myself when I wanted to purchase the M1 MacBook Air and after doing some research I found that RAM could substantially improve productivity.

From my personal experience 8GB RAM was not enough for me as it made me wait much longer than usual when opening apps like Photoshop or Sketch in particular.

More RAM will increase your productivity as it gives you more room for multitasking.

If you find that you’re having to wait to open apps or if you have too many apps running at once and getting sluggish consider purchasing additional RAM.

I Already Have The 8GB RAM MacBook What Do I Do?

If you are not facing any performance issues but you already have the 8GB RAM of the M1 MacBook Pro don’t bother upgrading it.

It’s not worth spending money on something that will not give you any performance benefits and could actually make your system run slower as more apps will struggle to load on a full 8GB RAM.