Is A 1TB Hard Drive Good For A Laptop?

Yes it can be.

A 1TB hard drive is good for a laptop if you do not want to use the laptop as a storage device or make large files such as 1080p video files.

If you intend to store large videos and torrents on your laptop then a different hard drive than 1TB may be recommended such as the WD My Passport Portable 1TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive that has multiple capacities and allows you to take your files anywhere with you.

1 terabyte (1 TB) equals 1 trillion bytes.

To put that in perspective one 2GB file equals two billion bytes of data.

When purchasing a 1TB hard drive for your laptop keep in mind that laptops use 2.5-inch hard disk drives that are the same size as a small stack of CDs.

Should A Laptop Have 1TB Of SSD Or HDD Storage?

HDD storage is less expensive; however an SSD (Solid State Drive) is faster.

For laptops that are primarily used for basic applications such as word processing or internet activities an HDD will be sufficient.

If you want more speed then choosing an SSD over an HDD is recommended since it has no moving parts and can provide a higher level of performance.