Is MacBook Pro 14″ & 16″ Good for Gaming? (M1 Pro, M1 Max)

Wondering if Apple’s latest M1 Pro and M1 Max featuring MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch are worth it for playing games?

Today, I’m going to share my experience with you of using my MacBook Air M1 for almost a year and I’ll use that experience to give you the answer to this question:

Is MacBook Pro 14 Good for Gaming?

Imaginary Questioner

Is MacBook Pro 14 Good for Gaming? 🤔

(M1 Pro & M1 Max)

So, I’ve been using Apple’s (late 2020) MacBook Air M1 for almost a year now, and if you’re thinking of buying the newest 2022 MacBook Pro 14 inches featuring the M1 Pro and M1 Max Apple Silicon processors.

I’d say do not get the MacBook Pro 14 inches!

It’s not worth it for playing games! (Even though it does feature a GPU capable of playing games)

Here’s why.

For the past year that I’ve had this MacBook Air M1, I haven’t been able to play a single game on it as I would have been able to play on my older Windows-based gaming laptop.

For one, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card but does have a decent built-in GPU.

But the problem is not the GPU itself, but it’s the compatibility of the games with the macOS.

My favorite game is Fortnite that I can’t even play it properly on my MacBook Air M1.

Because, for one, Epic ditched support for the macOS since their court issue with Apple. Second, most of the games aren’t compatible with macOS, because Apple’s laptops have never been about playing games.

So for this reason, I think it’ll take YEARS for the gaming industry to accept Apple’s hardware and software and start optimizing their games for it.

Right now, you have to do lame modifications to your operating system, like installing Emulators or virtually installing Windows to be able to play Windows-based games, etc.

Just look at how you have to install Boot Camp or Crossover just to be able to play some games that your hardware IS capable of playing, but your software isn’t.

Due to this, I think it’s a waste of time and money if you’re thinking of buying MacBook Pro 14 inches or MacBook Pro 16 inches just to play games. Or to play games and also do whatever work you want to do on it.

It would be a WAY more sensible decision if you instead buy a Windows-based gaming laptop that has the hardware and the software capable of playing games.

This way, unlike me, you won’t sit there watching others playing games on YouTube, instead of playing them yourself on your laptop.

Here, watch this video for another person’s view of the new MacBook Pro 14 inch and 16 inches about gaming, and why these aren’t the laptops for gaming, even after all these crazy advancements in CPU and GPU technologies.

Here’s a quote from a Snazzy Lab’s video about gaming on Apple Silicon MacBooks.

“Playing windows titles on Apple silicon macs is such a nightmare! And it’s so unexceptional
if you even can manage to get it working, that it’s literally not even worth your time to try!”

Better Alternatives to MacBook Pro 14 for Games

If you want a gaming laptop, you should get a gaming laptop.

Since Apple’s MacBook Pro 14 and the 16-inch are geared more towards professionals, it makes sense only to buy them for professional use as well.

Check out these gaming laptops that are cheaper, but can give you amazing gaming performance without having to install any emulator software.