Is The 2017 Macbook Pro Still Good?

Yes the 2017 MacBook Pro is absolutely still good.

The newer the model is that you have of the MacBook Pro the more years it’ll last for you.

I’ve seen people pulling out their 2012 MacBook Pros even so a 2017 MacBook Pro is fairly recent by those standards.

You can rest easy using your 2017 MacBook Pro.

When should I upgrade my MacBook Pro?

You shouldn’t unless you have to.

Merging the MacBook Pro’s specs with the MacBook’s saves Apple on construction costs so it can charge you less for a great laptop.

And while macOS updates aren’t as regular as they used to be there are enough for your 2017 MacBook Pro to keep up with your needs for years to come.

In fact it’s not even recommended that you upgrade to the latest macOS versions as they can tremendously slow down your 2017 MacBook Pro.

The newer versions of the macOS are super buggy and can cause older macs to drop their performance cutting their performance in half sometimes.

How much powerful are the newer 2022 MacBook Pros compared to the 2017?

2022 MacBook Pros have their latest Apple Silicon M1 Pro and M1 Max processors.

They’re insanely powerful compared to the older intel MacBook Pros.

However they come at a cost.

They do not support Bootcamp which is terrible news for me since I loved using my Windows-based laptops.

Furthermore they can’t even play the games I liked playing on my older Windows gaming laptops.

I’m stuck with using my MacBook Pro for only work and that’s it.

What a bummer.

So what’s the verdict?

Yes your 2017 MacBook Pro is still good.

Apple might cut your MacBook’s performance in half if you update to the latest macOS versions.

2022 MacBook Pros are very powerful but they come at a cost of having no Bootcamp support making them useless for gamers out there.

Also they’re super expensive right now so only upgrade if you really have to.

Otherwise your 2017 MacBook Pro is definitely worth sticking to for a few more years.