Is the HP 14 Laptop Good?

Yes HP 14 is a good laptop for basic tasks.

Anything except gaming.

Furthermore since it’s a 14-inch laptop is a portable choice.

It also has a long battery life compared to other laptops in the same price range with bigger screen size.

This laptop is great for students.

Most schools have HP 14-inch laptops as part of their computer purchase program.

Most schools choose this because it’s reliable and affordable enough to meet budgetary restrictions but still offers ease of use for students who are just beginning to use computers do homework or edit documents on the internet.


The HP 14 is considered a budget laptop with its basic specifications but it’s still quite capable for most applications.

However the processor is a low-powered one and not suited for more complex tasks such as high-end games or photo/video editing.

Nevertheless you can still perform basic computing tasks such as surfing the web creating documents socializing on Facebook or Twitter playing music or running office software.

The RAM memory is also quite low so it can’t store too much data at once and run multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down the performance.

Battery life is around 4 hours depending on how many resources are being used.

For basic computing tasks expect to use your battery for about 8 hours.

Playing Games

If you want to play some games on this 14-inch HP laptop you probably will be able to play some simple ones like Minecraft or Candy Crush Saga but certainly not more complex games such as Fortnite Doom GTA V or FIFA.

It’s not going to deliver a great gaming experience with low frame rates and low graphic settings but it can manage running them as they will be playable.

It won’t support the latest games that require more powerful hardware.

If you want a laptop for gaming purposes I recommend looking at these best $500 gaming laptops.


HP 14 is very affordable price-wise.

That makes it an excellent choice for students who need something affordable yet reliable and efficient for their basic computing needs such as school work and internet use.

This is one of the few laptops out there that offers all these features in its price range.

Another advantage is that this laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 10

Unfortunately this laptop is not designed to handle high-end games so it’s better to leave those games for bigger laptops.

Remember that the processor (CPU) of this laptop is quite low-powered and can’t handle lots of resources at once.

This may result in slow performance while running multiple applications or playing games with more graphics.

For example an application that requires fewer resources would be iMovie because it has fewer features than Adobe Premiere Pro which takes up a lot of your memory and will cause slowdown on this laptop.

So if you want to play video games with good graphics quality this HP 14-inch laptop won’t have the software and hardware specifications to support such demanding games.

Just be aware of these things if you’re going to buy yourself an HP 14 laptop.

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