Why Does My Laptop Fan Keep Running?

Laptops have fans to keep them cool and prevent overheating.

If your laptop’s fan is constantly running it could be due to any of the following five reasons:

Reasons Your Laptop Fan Is Running Constantly


The Processor Is Working Hard.

If your laptop is constantly running busy tasks or multiple programs at once the processor will heat up and the fan will kick on to cool it down.

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.


The Ambient Temperature Is High.

If it’s a hot day or your laptop is in a warm room the fan will run more frequently to keep the internal temperature down.

Again this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.


The Vents Are Blocked.

If the vents on your laptop are blocked by something like dust or lint the fan won’t be able to do its job properly.

This can lead to overheating so be sure to keep the vents clean and clear.


The Fan Is Defective.

In rare cases the fan itself may be defective or damaged.

This can cause the fan to run constantly even when the laptop isn’t particularly busy or hot.

If you suspect this is the case you’ll need to take your laptop to a repair shop to have the fan replaced.


The Laptop Is Overheating.

If your laptop’s fan is running constantly and the laptop itself is hot to the touch this could be a sign of overheating.

This is a serious problem that can damage the internal components of your laptop so you should shut it down immediately and contact a repair technician.

3 Ways To Troubleshoot The Issue Without Taking Your Computer To A Specialist

When your computer starts acting up it can be tempting to take it to a specialist or even throw it out the window.

But before you do either of those things try these three simple troubleshooting tips.

They might just save you time and money.


Restart Your Computer

This might seem like an obvious one but restarting your computer can often fix minor issues.

If your computer is running slow or acting up try restarting it.

This will clear your computer’s memory and start it fresh.


Update Your Software

If restarting your computer doesn’t help try updating your software.

Outdated software can cause all sorts of problems.

So if you’re having issues make sure your software is up-to-date.


Run A Virus Scan

If your computer is still acting up it might be infected with a virus.

Luckily there are plenty of great antivirus programs out there that can help.

Just run a scan and see if it finds anything.

If none of these tips help then it might be time to take your computer to a specialist.

But hopefully these tips will save you the time and money.

How To Prevent Your Laptop’s Fan From Overworking In The Future?

Your laptop’s fan is an important part of its cooling system and if it’s overworking it can lead to serious problems.

Here are some tips to help prevent your laptop’s fan from overworking in the future:

  1. Keep your laptop clean. Dust and dirt can build up inside your laptop and cause the fan to work harder than it needs to.

    Use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust and dirt from the vents and keyboard.
  2. Use your laptop on a hard flat surface. If your laptop is on a soft surface like a bed or couch the air vents can become blocked and cause the fan to overwork.
  3. Use a cooling pad. A cooling pad can help to keep your laptop cool by providing extra airflow.
  4. Avoid using your laptop in hot environments. If it’s hot outside or in a room without good ventilation your laptop can overheat and the fan will have to work harder.
  5. Don’t block the air vents.

    Make sure the air vents on your laptop are not blocked by anything.
  6. Update your laptop’s BIOS. A new BIOS can improve cooling and prevent the fan from overworking.
  7. Check for updates for your laptop’s drivers and software. Outdated drivers and software can cause problems with the fan.
  8. Monitor your laptop’s temperature. Use a program like HWMonitor to keep an eye on your laptop’s temperature.

    If the temperature gets too high the fan will kick on and try to cool things down.
  9. Use your laptop in a well-ventilated area. If possible set up your laptop in a room with good ventilation so the fan doesn’t have to work as hard.
  10. Take breaks. If you’re going to be using your laptop for a long period of time take breaks every so often to give the fan a chance to cool down the laptop.

By following these tips you can help prevent your laptop’s fan from overworking in the future.

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