Laptop Fan Suddenly Loud: Why & How To Fix?

Is your laptop fan suddenly blowing loudly and you’re not sure why?

You’re not alone – this is a common problem.

In this blog post we’ll explore some potential solutions.

First let’s take a look at what might be causing the issue.

Then we’ll provide some tips on how to fix it.

Let’s get started!

Why Is My Laptop Fan Suddenly Loud?

Our first potential solution is to clean out all of the dust trapped inside your laptop.

Every once in a while you’ll need to open up your laptop and clean it entirely.

First unplug your power cord and remove the battery (if possible).

Then use a can of compressed air to blow all of the dust out of the computer.

If there is dirt or debris stuck on top of your fan use something like an eyeglass cloth to carefully wipe it off.

Make sure not to touch any components inside – be very gentle with this process!

Your laptop fan now should run much more quietly than before… but what if it’s still loud? Let’s try our next fix.

If your fan is still loud you might have a problem with the heatsink assembly on your laptop.

You can find out if this is the case by simply removing your laptop’s back panel (called the “bottom cover”).


Be careful to touch only metal or plastic; touching any of the components inside can cause permanent damage!

Here are some signs that indicate you need to replace your fan:

  • Your laptop has an excessive amount of dust trapped within its interior spaces.
  • If you applied our first solution (cleaning) but it didn’t do anything to make your fan quieter.
  • You took off all of your computer’s covers and found black dust caked over the fans.
  • You even see traces of soot particles on your heatsink assembly.

How To Prevent Laptop Fan From Getting Loud Again?

There are a few ways to prevent your laptop fan from getting loud again:

  • First make sure you regularly clean out all the dust and debris that builds up inside your computer.
  • Second try using a laptop cooling pad to help keep your device cool.
  • Finally if all else fails you might need to replace the fan itself.

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