Why Is My Laptop Keyboard Not Typing? (How to Fix It!)

Sometimes your laptop keyboard will stop typing especially if you are using it for an extended period of time or if the laptop itself has been dropped.

This can be frustrating because you may not know why this is happening.

Here are some possible reasons why it is not typing:

Power cord/Battery

If the battery on your laptop runs low or dies your computer goes into hibernation mode.

When this happens all programs and files that were being worked on are saved so they can be accessed once power has been restored to the device.

However when a computer enters hibernation mode it does not completely shut down which means the M key on a physical keyboard may stay pressed down during a restart process.

If a user presses a key on the keyboard while it is in hibernation mode the device will not respond.

To prevent this from happening you should always ensure that your laptop’s power cord or battery is fully charged before working on any project or task for an extended period of time.

Another way to fix the issue would be to remove all power from the laptop and press down firmly on each key until you hear a click sound.

This may resolve the problem with your M key being pressed down.

Once you have done this simply restart your computer and try typing again.

If this does not work after multiple attempts then there may be an internal hardware issue with your laptop keyboard compromising how it connects to other devices within the device itself.

If this is the case then it may be best to have your laptop professionally repaired.

As far as external keyboards are concerned the M key being stuck down can also be a result of spilled liquid or other materials on top of the keys.

This includes substances such as soda or tea.

When this happens you should turn off your computer and back up all files that you want to keep because chances are they will not work once the keyboard has been removed for cleaning purposes.

After backing up data attempt to remove each key by popping them out gently with a small screwdriver or prying knife if they are sticking out at an angle that does not allow for removal without force.

Once each key has been removed wash them using warm water and a small amount of dish soap.

After doing this allow them to completely dry before putting the keyboard back into place.

If the M key is still not working after trying these methods then it is possible that there is a more serious internal hardware issue with your laptop or external keyboard which will require professional repair.

Process of elimination

Use an external (wired) USB keyboard to see if you can properly type on your computer.

If you can then your internal laptop keyboard may be faulty and in need of repair.

If you cannot type on an external USB-connected keyboard either then it might be that both devices are faulty and in need of repair or replacement respectively.

Pressing down firmly on each physical key may resolve the issue however.

If you are still having problems after trying these steps then it may be necessary to have your laptop professionally repaired.

The M key on your laptop keyboard not working may indicate an underlying hardware issue that is causing it to malfunction and if this is the case you should seek professional help for fixing this problem.

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