Laptop Only Works When Plugged-in? (Here’s Why!)

Have you ever encountered a laptop that doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in? There are many reasons why this might be the case.

First of all if your battery has outlived its life or is dying it may not be able to hold enough charge to power the laptop.

If this is the case you will need to replace your battery.

Another reason why your laptop might only work when plugged in is if the battery isn’t making good contact with the laptop.

If this is true you should open up your laptop and try to make sure that the battery’s metal contacts are clean and dirt-free.

You should also remove any debris found around these contacts.

If there is a piece of debris stuck under the battery you should carefully remove it.

If you cannot get rid of this problem on your own consider taking your laptop to a specialist for further assistance.

Another possible cause is that something may have dislodged or broken inside your computer causing it to short-circuit and not function unless plugged in.

For this problem you will most likely need to take your laptop in for repairs.

If none of these reasons seem to be the source of your problem then it is possible that something has gone wrong with your AC adapter.

Without an AC adapter or battery your laptop cannot function.

If this is the case you should consider replacing either the AC adapter or your battery.

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