Why Does My Laptop Turn On But The Screen Is Black?

A laptop may turn on and begin the boot process but not show anything on the screen.

If nothing at all is displayed then it might be an issue with the display or video card that needs to be investigated.

Often times a laptop turns on properly but there is no display because of an incorrect setting in the Power Options menu such as “turn off LCD panel” being enabled when it shouldn’t be.

For this reason I recommend checking over your power options first.

More often than not a few key presses will bring up a boot menu where you can select which drive you want to start from (such as a BIOS Boot Menu).

From here you should be able to start from another device if possible and identify whether the problem lies from there.

If you have tried both of these things and no video still appears/is working your display hardware or operating system may have failed or there may be a problem with the motherboard.

In this case I recommend contacting a technician to help diagnose the issue further.

Should I Look Myself Or Get It Fixed From A Technician?

It is possible for you to fix this issue yourself but I recommend attempting this with caution as it can be harmful to your laptop if done incorrectly.

If you plan on attempting the repair process yourself I highly recommend also searching for a guide on how to do so first.

This information will help you determine whether or not you are capable of fixing the problem on your own and what steps you need to take in order to do so.

What Can Cause My Laptop Screen Not To Turn On During Boot?

There are many things that could cause a display not to turn on during boot including but not limited to: incorrect settings in BIOS incompatible drivers or connections between pieces of hardware graphics card failure/problem motherboard/housing failure operating system corruption stuck pixels on the screen etc.

What To Do If Your Laptop Display Isn’t Turning On?

If you are certain that nothing is displaying then it might be an issue with the video card not working properly or a fault with the motherboard.

In this case I recommend doing further research online about how to fix these issues and potentially trying some of the steps mentioned in order to get your laptop back up and running.

If you have tried all of these things but still cannot get your computer to show anything on its display then it might be time for you to contact a technician who can help diagnose and repair any faults with your hardware.

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