Laptop Turns OFF When Moved? (Cause + Solution!)

Does your laptop turn off when moved? Here’s the cause and the possible solution on how to fix it!

What causes the laptop to turn off when moved?

The first thing to look at is a faulty AC or battery loose connection or some kind of power management mode (if on battery shutdown).

If your laptop has a drop sensor it could be malfunctioning.

laptops sometimes just strip down and rebuild and the problem goes away without you knowing what the problem was which is a pain because you need to know so you can fix it the next time.

How to fix this issue?

Try working with the system in ‘Safe Mode’.

Try moving it around to watch if it shuts down.

Follow these steps:

  • Restart or power it up.
  • Tap at the Dell logo until it says ‘Advanced Boot Options’
  • Choose “safe mode” and press “enter”

Solution #2

Run hardware diagnostics by following the steps below.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. On the Dell Logo Screen keep pressing the F12 key.
  3. Select Diagnostics from the One time boot menu & Enter.
  4. It tests all the hardware components.
  5. In the case the test fails capture the error code and look it up on Google.

If the test passes move on to the next step.

Check in Safe Mode with Networking.

  1. Restart your computer again.
  2. On the Dell Logo Screen keep tapping F8.
  3. Then choose Safe Mode with Networking once the computer has entered Advanced Boot Option.
  4. Now Press Enter.

Check to see if it’s happening in safe mode with networking.

You can also troubleshoot the fans and air vents using this link:

FAQs About Laptop Shut Downs

Why would a laptop shut off randomly?

Most likely one of the leading causes of random device shutdowns is overheating.

Take a moment to clean the components properly if a computer randomly shuts down and check your video card fan case fans and processor fan.

Why does my HP laptop keep shutting off?

It either overheats and shuts off or the charger/battery is not working.

If the system is fine with the battery only then the battery is defective and likewise for the charger.

The laptop may suffer from memory problems as well.

Why is my HP laptop overheating and shutting down?

The most likely cause of HP laptops overheating and shutting down is not cleaning them.

Your laptop collects dust dirt and debris every moment you use it.

When it blows against the heat sink the dust erodes the silver in its case.

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