Laptop Turns Off When Unplugged? (Solved!)

My laptop has been doing this for a few weeks now.

Whenever the power goes or it is unplugged for whatever reason it turns off.

I’ve been noticing a strange battery behavior even since before this issue so I think I now have a pretty clear idea of what’s causing my laptop to shut off when unplugged.

The Background Of My Issue

For a few months I’ve been noticing that my laptop charging goes on and off.

Finally it’s at the point that it can’t even stay on when unplugged.

It immediately turns itself off.

Any hints? Why this might be happening.


The Problem Now

Right now I think the battery is so old that it needs a replacement.

It can’t even power the laptop for a few seconds- immediately shuts down when the power goes.

It’s been working hard since March 2019 when I got my Acer Predator Helios 300.

Also I always keep it plugged in so that also may be a factor why my battery died sooner than I expected.

Or maybe not?

Because my previous laptop that I had before Helios 300 HP ProBook 450 G2 (which I may have purchased in 2015) is still alive and kicking; no battery issues whatsoever until today.

Also I kept that laptop plugged in all the time too.

This also shows how reliable HP’s laptops are.

Anyway I’ll follow whatever good battery charging habits I can to keep my laptop battery healthy and prolong its lifespan.

What’s the Solution?

Well the solution is to get a new battery and throw out the old one.

However try to properly dispose of your laptop battery as laptops are of the major sources of e-waste today.

Other Possible Reasons

There can be more reasons that I haven’t experienced myself I just shared what’s the case with my issue and how am I going to fix it.

However if your laptop is also turning off when it’s unplugged (and it’s still new less than a year old) it may be that the battery’s connection is loose or something? (If you had opened your laptop recently.)

Additionally you could simply try to hard-reset your laptop.

Also there’s an option to reset your battery apparently? Try that as well.

If none of these methods work for you try and update your bios as the last resort.

If even this does not work I think it’s time to visit your nearby computer technician.


Your laptop turns off when you unplug it because the battery can’t hold a charge.

When you unplug your laptop the battery loses its power and can’t keep the laptop running.

The laptop needs power from the battery to keep running and when the battery can’t provide that power the laptop turns off.

There are a few reasons why your laptop’s battery might not be holding a charge.

It could be a problem with the battery itself or it could be a problem with the laptop’s power adapter.

If the battery is more than a few years old it might be time to replace it.

If you’ve been using the same power adapter for a long time it might also be time to replace it.

If your laptop turns off when you unplug it try these steps to troubleshoot the problem:


Check The Power Adapter

The first thing to do is to check the power adapter.

Make sure that the power adapter is plugged into an outlet and that the cord is not frayed or damaged.

If the power adapter seems to be working fine try plugging it into a different outlet.


Check The Battery

If the power adapter is working the next thing to do is to check the battery.

Remove the battery from the laptop and clean the metal contacts with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

This will help to remove any build-up that might be preventing the battery from making a good connection.

If the battery contacts are clean try recharging the battery.

If the battery still doesn’t hold a charge it might be time to replace it.


Check For Power Management Issues

If the power adapter and battery seem to be working fine the next thing to check is the power management settings.

Many laptops have a power management setting that can cause the laptop to turn off when it’s unplugged.

To check the power management settings open the Control Panel and go to Power Options.

Click on the “Change Plan Settings” link for the power plan you’re using.

In the “Power Options” window click on the “Change Advanced Power Settings” link.

In the “Advanced Settings” window expand the “Battery” section and look for the “Critical Battery Action” setting.

If the “Critical Battery Action” setting is set to “Hibernate” that’s why your laptop turns off when you unplug it.

Change the setting to “Do Nothing” and click “OK” to save the changes.


Update The BIOS

Another reason why your laptop might turn off when you unplug it is because of an outdated BIOS.

The BIOS is a piece of software that controls the laptop’s hardware and it can sometimes cause problems.

To update the BIOS go to the website of the laptop’s manufacturer and download the latest BIOS update.

Follow the instructions on the website to install the update.


Run A Virus Scan

If you’re still having problems the next thing to do is to run a virus scan.

Sometimes viruses or other malicious software can cause problems with the power management settings.

To run a virus scan open the Windows Security app and click on the “Scan now” button.

If you’re still having problems there might be a hardware issue with your laptop.

If you can’t solve the problem take the laptop to a computer repair shop and have them take a look at it.

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