Lenovo Legion 7 Deals: Amazon Prime Day 2021

Looking for Lenovo Legion 7 deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021?

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Lenovo Legion 7 Prime Day 2021

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I’ll highlight some major features of the Lenovo Legion 7 here to give you a taste of the laptop, so you know what you’re getting before you buy your own Lenovo Legion 7 in the Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals.

Lenovo Legion 7 Overview

Lenovo Legion 7 Amazon Prime Day 2021

Lenovo put a strong emphasis on performance in its Legion 7. With the Core i9-10980 HK and GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q, the gaming performance in games is exceptional, and thanks to a good cooling system, that performance is maintained even under load. Display quality is unmatched by any 240-Hz display, which offers a maximum brightness of up to 240 nits. Our sample unit, while not as high-quality as some of the rivals’, is still in good shape due to its metal case, and is visually appealing. Therefore, the laptop’s basics are certainly not to be criticized.

However, the input devices do not meet expectations. If you had hoped for a similar experience to Lenovo’s ThinkPad, these are a bitter disappointment. In this price class, you should expect a better keyboard, even if you probably don’t need the best touchpad on a gaming laptop. In spite of the numerous illumination effects that can be modified by the user, this lack of functionality remains.

As to the Legion 7, its most significant weakness is its release date: The next generation of mobile graphics cards might arrive as early as next January, which would represent a significant performance jump. Waiting may be worth it in either case, regardless of whether you want the performance boost or a price reduction. As for the Legion 7, since it is a good gaming laptop with good workmanship and an excellent display in the second case, it might also prove worthwhile to follow development in its price.