Logitech G703 Vs G403 – [Fight!]

There are two major differences between the Logitech G703 vs G403. Logitech G703 ranges from 100 to 16,000 DPI while the G403 ranges from 200 to 12,000 DPI. G703 is more durable at 50 Million Clicks, while the G403 is only rated at 20 Million Clicks.

Let’s discuss a little more about the rest of the things.

Logitech G703 Vs G403 – Detailed Overviews

Let’s kick things off with the Logitech G703 first and see what are its main features and what makes it a good mouse overall.

Logitech G703

First, we’ll be talking about the G703 mouse and its top features.

Design and Features

A pair of large clicking buttons adorn the left side of the mouse. It has a mid-profile curve that slopes upwards toward the left. 

Those with large hands can hold the G703 in a claw grip, while those with smaller hands can hold it in a palm grip. The G703 is for right-handed only.

Besides its rubbery coating and knurling, the rubbery mouse wheel on top sports soft detents. You can feel them just fine as you scroll it, though. 

A very firm click action is provided with the wheel, but it cannot be manipulated to the left or right.


There is the same Logitech Gaming Software app running on all of Logitech’s G series gaming products. 

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The app makes it really easy to manage all the Logitech gear you own, and it’s quick and efficient so that it doesn’t bog down your games. 

If you prefer to use the software on your desktop, you can load up game profiles automatically as soon as you launch active games, or you can store up to three profiles in the onboard memory of the mouse. 

Both modes of operation can be accessed with one click.

Battery Life

The mouse feels responsive and precise whether it is plugged in or not. 

Based on the lighting settings on your device, Logitech claims battery life is between 24 and 32 hours, which seems pretty accurate. 

A 10-12 hour day of desktop productivity time and gaming is achievable, and the “charge every few days” lifespan is on par with wireless gaming mice of this class.

Logitech G403

It looks and performs quite much like the Logitech G Pro Wireless, except the left-handed version has a more slanted design.

This mouse features full RGB lighting and it’s very comfortable for palm grip users. It features excellent sensor performance and is fully customizable in the Logitech G HUB software.

Although its shape is suitable for claw and fingertip grips, it is best suited for hands that are larger.

Although there have been some reports of quality control issues in the first batch that have led to units rattling, we did not experience these with our unit.

Despite not having the lightest weight, the Logitech G403 Wireless is quite durable and is able to deliver a very good performance.

Although it performs well with a palm grip, its shape still accommodates claw or fingertip grips if users have larger hands. It has a low click latency and is fully customizable within its software.